This is Geeezeer, transplanted here from Tumblr

My tumblr collection continues to exist and to be updated on tumblr under the same Geeezeer identity, to the extent allowed by the prudes and/or misguided censors on tumblr.  The whole of it up to 17 Dec 2018 is archived and in a zip file. This consists of some 10,000 curated nudist photographs, memes, and texts.  The values expressed by Naktiv’s management are identical to those expressed in my blog, and it appears that I may well find more here to enjoy than on the thousands of blogs that  were previously located on tumblr’s servers.

This is my first day here, and I have not yet decided exactly what it is that I will do on Naktiv.  I have joined all three groups currently available. I don’t know if the tumblr archive is able to be uploaded to Naktiv, or, indeed, if it is suitable for this site.  Virtually all of my tumblr posts were reblogs of the work of others, except for a few text messages that represented my own experiences or beliefs.

By way of introduction, I am a lifelong nudist, beginning about age 10.  Bare in mind that for most of my years I have been fumbling around, being more of a wannabe nudist who was ashamed of his own body shape,  with a few peak experiences here and there as I became more and more accustomed to and knowledgeable about my own body.  I am a TNS member these past three years and will probably be one until I die.  I am forever indebted to Lee Baxandall, the founder of The Naturist Society, who gave all of us wannabe naturists hope and guidance in overcoming our own irrational fears about our bodies. I believe that being nude in nature is a spiritual experience that brings us closer to our Creator, and that in itself transcends all other experiences.

When I get the chance, I visit various nudist resorts here in Florida, but honestly, being a lone male nudist is boring at the resorts.  Therefore I spend as much time as I can hiking nude when and where I can. I am a passionate naturist, and a passionate novice amateur naturalist.

The weather in Florida permits me to be nude most of the time, in and about the house.  I am able to take decent hikes of 2 to 4 miles nude in carefully chosen, secluded areas and do this frequently for spiritual as well as physical health reasons.  I am not an exhibitionist, and treasure my privacy. Nevertheless, should a naturist hiking group be formed in Florida, I would be very interested in joining it.

My bucket list includes naturist hiking in the desert and canyons of the west.  I have not yet figured out how to make that possible. More practically, I am looking to simply expand my nude time outdoors and in the wilderness as much as possible.




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  1. Glad to have found you again! We’ve a married nudist couple with almost grown children. We’re members of AANR, the Naturist Society, FCN, and MNO (Montana Naturist Organization), We also are on True Nudist as Solarius. When stationed in Tampa we were members of Caliente in Pasco Co. If you ever come up to Montana let us know we have some secluded acreage you can hike on!

    • I will probably be in Montana later in 2019. I would love to take you up on your offer of hiking. What part of Montana are you guys in? I’ve been up there the last several summers. I LOVE Montana and the surrounding region. Spent a night at Kaniksu Ranch (Washington) two years ago, and spent a night at Sun Meadows (Idaho) last year. Would enjoy meeting you guys and hooking up with other nudists while I’m up that way. And Happy New Year to you.
      By the way, I’m pretty new to this site.

  2. hallo @atilla, good to hear you found your way to this safe place here after the Tumblr debacle. You’ll find there are different types of people, some post, some don’t, some are smart, some not so, etc. All in all, a mix of types with an inclination to be naked and to share that pleasure with others of similar ilk, and some not so similar. The variety is in the mix and we look forward to your participation.

    Welcome to Naktiv!

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