Two + Two in The Garden

When Lisa & her neighbour Jenny sat talking in the garden they were both so pleased to be enjoying a sudden heatwave. Lisa had gone to Jenny’s garden to look at their newly landscaped big lawned area & flowerbeds. As they sat talking Jenny said she was going to take off her t-shirt as the sun ought to be on her back. She was wearing a bikini top which struggled to control her breasts, Lisa smiled and said “If it’s ok I’ll do the same?” Jenny smiled and said it was ok. As Lisa removed her shirt Jenny gasped to see her bared breasts, “Oh wow! I never thought,  you being a naturist of course you’re not wearing a bra or anything!” Lisa laughed at her friends facial expressions, it took several moments for Jenny to speak again, “You look so well tanned and it’s fabulous that there’s no white bits on your breasts, I never thought about you being topless and I should have”. Lisa sipped her drink of fruit juice and enjoyed her friends comments, then she said “Come on Jenny give yourself some freedom, take your top off, there’s only the two of us here and you will love the fresh air on you!” Cautiously Jenny unclipped her bikini top and her big boobs were freed, for a moment she instinctively grabbed her breasts to shield them, then with loud joyous laughter she let them be free. “Oh that feels so weird, feeling the sun’s heat on my breasts is quite gorgeous, I hope no-one see’s me.”  Lisa laughed at her friends new excitement but also puzzled about her concerns. There only could be Jenny’s husband David & her teenaged daughter Kim likely to come into the garden, but at 2:30pm that wasn’t going to happen.

For about an hour the two friends chatted about holidays, about the garden, so many varied topic’s came & went, Lisa avoided naturism as a chat topic because she didn’t want to over pressure Jenny who had only just experienced topless sunbathing. As the afternoon was quickly passing Lisa said to Jenny “I’m sorry I must go, I have food to prepare and surely you are busy too?” The two women walked towards the house and both said what a very lovely afternoon they had shared. Lisa flicked her t-shirt over her shoulder as she stepped out of the front door, she only had to cross the quiet street to go into her own house, Jenny gave her friend a quick hug then realised, “Lisa!” she gasped.. “You’re still bare breasted.. you’re in the street!” Lisa smiled and said “Yes, so are you! I’m going across the street home to welcome my husband and son naked, so why should I cover up now?” As Lisa stepped down the pathway she glanced back to see Jenny trying to cover herself with her arms & close the door.  Lisa arrived home ok with only a nod & smile from another neighbour Graham on his way out. He just shouted, “Nice day for it!” as he got into his car.  Lisa had really had a fun afternoon, she began to wonder if Jenny and her little family were possibly beginning to enjoy real freedom, Jenny would certainly tell David about her bare breasted time in the large beautiful garden.

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