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Hi Everyone!!

My name's Laura and I am currently working on a new documentary here in the UK exploring naturism and family life.

Are you a whole happy family of naturists? Have you had problems with someone in your family accepting naturism? Were your kids really in to it when they were younger but now the teenage years have made them lose interest? Is your family new to naturism but would like to explore it further?

I would love to hear from families, parents or grandparents in the UK who can relate to any of the above questions! By exploring naturism in a family setting this documentary hopes to give the wider viewing public a better understanding of naturism and the motivations behind it.

My direct contact is – 0203 701 7599 or or happy to chat on here!

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

8 thoughts on “UK naturist TV documentary”

  1. Pardon for my fears of negative outcome but the long reputation of media people is not so good.

    My experience with media persons has been uniformly bad. Their promises of showing someone honestly vanishes when the interview is edited to promote their "angle" or agenda. Nudist stuff produced by media people usually ends up with some form of tittivation combined with showing nudity as strange and perverted, or stupid, etc.

    Without the titillation a media piece on nudism ends up being BORING. Nudists are normal people going about normal lives.

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