Update to running my first naked 5K

In the intervening year since I discovered that nudity doesn’t need to be confined to the bathroom, I have lurked on the Naktiv site, sometimes in amazement. Walking naked in the Alps? People do that? Just on a practical level, are there no mosquitoes in the Alps? And is that just the German Alps? What about the Austrian and the Swiss Alps? Actually, let’s not discuss the Swiss Alps because — but, excuse me, I digress.

Imagine my surprise to learn that there’s even naked biking! Naked sailing! Cool! I mean, it’s going to be cooler just because of the lack of textiles but just the entire concept is so liberating.

Which leads to the question: where have I been all these years? Why didn’t I hear or see something about these activities years ago? I’ve read that sometimes we don’t see things because our hearts are closed to them; that we’re not ready yet to accept them. Maybe that was it.

But, in any event, last year, I stumble upon the concept of the naked 5K. I’m a runner. I run 5K’s. Why not a naked 5K? But, last year, I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t commit. The race came and went but without my participation.

This year, however, I’m on it. My heart is open to the whole concept. I embrace it! I’m ready to sign up.

And then my beloved says “Arnold and Bernice want to come for a visit on the weekend of the….”

Dash it! That weekend? Does it have to be that weekend? The best laid plans….

8 thoughts on “Update to running my first naked 5K”

  1. A lot of activities can be done clothesfree!
    I have joyful memories from naked hiking in various parts of Sweden mainly. We have big forests and anyone have free access to most areas, unless they are not recently harvested/planted. So the conditions are good in that aspect, but the weather is not always favourable. Most pleasant to hike during warm days, in sunshine, partly cloudy. Well, some rain might just be refreshing. 🙂

  2. I decided to look into social nudism after my wife passed. 2 years of research went by and I found several venues close to where I now live in Florida. After all the excuses and missed opportunities ran out, I finally went for a drive one afternoon and ended up at BayBares near Fountain FL. I parked the car and got out, walked up to the clubhouse which was full of folks with no clothes on. I felt awkward till one of the guys grabbed my hand and shook it. Welcome, he said, registration’s over there. We don’t have changing rooms. Just leave your pants in the car. The rest is history. All my friends and family know where I go on the weekends and they have all been extended an open invitation to visit. No judgement!

    Just do it! kYou won’t regret it

  3. Why don’t you ask your beloved, Arnold and Bernice to join and if not running just cheering you up? At least you can throw the idea. They may not accept, but this is worth a try, don’t you think? And instead of A & B visiting, you all spend a week-end at the naturist club organizing the run. I think we, naturists, need to expand the way we think about others joining our naked activities. It’s one of the ways to bring more women into naturism and more people in general. I truly believe the world needs more nudists. My 2 cents.

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