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So I was driving along and thinking, "you know there are lots of sim games, like airport tycoon, the sims, sim city, etc…" You know what I noticed? We have games where you can be a crook selling drugs or taking them, be the cops, be a firefighter, or a sports star. Yet there are not any 'nudist' video games. I realize that in 'sims bustin' out' there was a nudist resort that you could live in or visit. but other than that there is really nothing to promote or advertise nudism in a healthy and good way where video games are concerned. I think someone should come up with a simulation game like 'sim nudist resort' where you build and maintain a nudist resort. Add some facts/tips that explain and such the nudist lifestyle or whatever. perhaps it could be promoted or sponsored by a real resort or even AANR.

I think that if done right it would improve peoples self image(or maybe not) or at least let more people be accepting of nudism. People say that video games affect people more strongly then we think, let someone work towards improving viewpoints. What do you think?

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