Several of us had arranged to meet at Golling an der Sallach bahnhof (train station), a short way due south of Salzburg in Austria, for a weekend of naked hiking, camping in tents for the Saturday night. I arrived ahead of schedule on the Friday afternoon, having driven down naked from Munich just for the crack. I wanted to get a bit more time in and, having had an enjoyable Hawaii Toast at the cafe near the car park, headed west into the Bluntautal, rucksack on my back. The late sun picked out the steep surrounding peaks and framed the charming farmhouses which I passed scattered along the roadside. As soon as I had left the village proper, and hit a gravel trail, I stripped off putting my shorts in my rucksack and continued naked. It was late and I met very few people on this, the quieter of the two main trails to the Baerenhuttegasthof. I kept going until the valley steepened, at a ford, and started to look around for a suitable campsite. The Austrians, like the Germans, are not keen on people camping wild, they like you stay in Gasthofs or approved campsites, so a discrete spot for my tent was essential. I pitched next to the river about half-way between two trails, at the head of the flat section of the valley. The night wore on quietly, and the wine I'd brought with me fended of any fears of mountain bears rousing me during the dark hours for some grub.

The rain started about 10 O'clock in the evening, and set in steady. It was still raining in the morning, but lightly enough that I could walk naked under the protection of my trusty umbrella back into town to meet the others who had arranged to join me this weekend. I retraced my steps, and the first people I met were an older couple - the woman exclaimed "so geht's auch!" (that works too!) with a enthusiastic grin. I encounted several other generally friendly people enroute back to the village of Golling. I met Sepp at the train station, bang on time, and we then waited an hour for Tania to arrive, followed finally by Max whom I didn't know. We set off in the rain towards the campsite and retraced my steps from the previous evening, meeting several people enroute again. One small group came grinning past a naked me and Tania and when they passed Sepp and Max, they asked if they belonged to the same group, "Yes", replied Sepp, and if they were going to strip off too, "Yes, of course" said Sepp again - all very friendly - they were clearly amused. Max was distincly nervous about being seen by anyone, or being photographed, but otherwise we simply walked along minding our own business, greeting passers-by in the usual friendly, if wet this time, manner. After Sepp had set up camp, and Tania and I had recovered her clothes which she had lost enroute, Max took his leave, so there was just the three of us now. The light rain continued all day long, and inbetween bouts of exploring the area, we managed to get in a fair bit of low level walking along the base of the valley, nearly back to Golling where we found a small but sizable lake with brilliantly clear water and brightly coloured underwater green and red weeds. That night we settled down to a quiet and early sleep, as the rain put off any thoughts of sitting out amongst the mosquitoes and watching the sun set. The rain kept up all night long and we all thought the Sunday was going to be a complete washout.

The day dawned brighter and more importantly, drier. There were thick clouds circling the steep valley sides all around us, but here and there were patches of clear blue peeking through as if to say that today will be a nice day. So we enthusiastically had breakfast and set off west once more, up the relentlessly zig-zagging forestry trail behind us. Slowly the sun warmed us and we all stripped off as soon as we found our inidividually suitable temperature. The trail gave way to a forest path which headed straight up the steep hillside through the trees, the shade cooling us and the exertion warming us. We met several people coming down and some going up, but this route up the valley was definitely the quieter side. Eventually we emerged from the forest and sat in brilliant sunshine for some of Tania's famous, this time a smaller and easier to carry Honey, Melon. Continuing after lunch we left the forest altogether just as we reached the UnterJochenalm, where there was a summer farm selling cold drinks and their own mountain cheeses. What a marvelous position, perched on a butt of land above the forest, surrounded by steep and dramatic peaks, clouds drifting slowly around the ridges high above us like fingers gently caressing the roughly hewed and weathered rock. We were a bit tired and rather than keep going to the ridge above us, our original objective, we decided to just turn down and follow the second main trail down, which paralleled the one we had used this morning on the other side of the valley. This was now a forest road, gravelled but well maintained for the farmer and for the alpine hut higher up, and more popular. We passed many people coming up the mountain by this route, and all but one pair were friendly. One couple offered to take our photograph at a particularly scenic bend in the trail, which had no trees to obscure the view straight down the impressive valley with Golling itself in the main valley below visible in the distance. We returned to our tents in the forest, taking advantage of the quiet afternoon to rest a while, and then ate and drank our fill before packing up and leaving this idylic spot. Walking out via the route to the small lake we had found the day before we met few people, but those we did meet were all markedly friendly. In fact I would have to say that our impression was that we had a more open and welcoming reception here, south of Salzburg, as naked hikers, than I have usually experienced in the Bavaria alps not far to the north and west. It's strange how such a small change in environment, or culture perhaps, can make such a difference to the identical situation. Overall, even with the slightly inclement weather at the start, we had had a lovely time, furthered the cause for naked hiking in our small way by being visible, and generally enjoyed ourselves immensely.