We need to keep fit in this pandemic

I’ve been running every day but I need to exercise other parts of the body especially my arms. I also need to improve my balance and stability and general suppleness. I did Shaolin Kung Fu as a kid and although I am a non-violent non-fighter, the moves are good for flexibility and general fitness and very suitable for me at my advanced age. Haha.

This afternoon was very hot and since I had already gone running early in the morning, I decided to do a few Shaolin moves. And of course I had to take selfies.

The words on the left in the photo can literally be translated “Shaolin Fist” which means Shaolin Kung Fu and the word on the right is my name which in Chinese is the same as the “lin” in Shaolin. It’s very hard to write Chinese characters on the phone but I have a stylus pen that helps a little!

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