Wells Grey Provincial Park – Free Hiking

I recently had the oportunity to go free hiking in Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC, Canada. I went to a water fall lookout called Deception Falls. Access to the water itself was non existant but the lookout provided excellent views.

Anyway, I left early and as it was mid week I expected to be by myself and I was. When I arrived I stripped down and sprayed on some bug spray, grabbed my shorts (just in case someone came upon me) and camera and headed up to the falls.

The hike was enjoyable, not just because I was naked but the weather was perfect. It not to hot and it was not to cold. No one showed up along the way in or out.

Nude hiker
Free Hiking

Later on as I was headed back to my campsite I saw a trail for Canim River and decided I had time to investigate that as well. Again I was alone and thought I'd head in but remained clothed. Once I was in far enough I found a side trail down to the river and investigated it.

I was lucky enough to find a bit of a rocky shoreline and the water wasn't to cold. In fact it was wonderful!

Naked baither in a river
Naked and refreshed

At one point I thought I heard voices but no one showed up.

I spent about a half hour in the water then got out and picked up my shorts and camera and began heading back. Still nude I watched other hikers. Imagine my suprise when I finally got the trail head and found another vehicle. How could they have missed me? How could I have missed them? Glad I dried off enough to put my shorts on on the way out!

The sound of voices made it's way through the wood and I soon found the vehicle owners. As they came out the woman asked if I needed a moment, because I was behind my vehicles door and from her spot I could have been nude except for foot ware I had on.

After exchanging pleasentries they went their way. I never knew if they saw me nude or not. They were to soon behind me coming out to have missed me walking nude but they didn't say anything.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day.


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  1. With her asking if you needed a moment, I’m pretty sure they saw you nude and figured you were getting dressed as they came out. Apparently you being nude didn’t bother them, and they didn’t want to embarrass you by letting you know they saw you. Sounds like a good, successful free hike.


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