What's in a title?

I decided to take the name Naked Environmentalist and use it not only for my group but also as my user name on You Tube and Medium. We need to get the message out that we are normal people who just happen to care about our Earth and want protect it while in the buff. Just one small step for mankind!
On the travel channel I use Nude Traveler but was intercepted because of a picture of the Naked backside of male next to a horse which is a statue. Funny how they advertise nude beaches but restrict this?
Stay Naked to stay free.

6 thoughts on “What's in a title?”

  1. I watched a TV series called "Naked Anthropologist" but didn't see any naked people on the show. I figured it was false advertising intended to get more viewers.

    I'm not sure what a Naked Environmentalist" would do other than being naked. In recent years environmentalism has become so political that it now has negative connotations.

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