What about the children?

I like to go about in the nude, but some people say that they would be worried for the children about nudity out in the public world.
So 'What about the children?'.

Nudity isn't frightening or alarming for children.
When very small, kids are totally used to nudity, their parents dress them, bathe them, wipe their bums, anything.
When a little older the funniest word you can say to a six year old is 'Willy'. And if a six-year-old were to actually SEE a willy, that would be funnier still.
And later on when they start to learn about sex and move into puberty, they are developing naturally to be sexual beings, to want sex and to have sex. Their minds and bodies are growing together so that they can cope with the knowledge of sex. So a naked man or woman is not going to scare them, more likely they would be curious, or just laugh.

So, I don't worry about the children.

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  1. I attended the annual Bay to Breakers walking nude in 2005,7,8,9,10,11,12 and also participated in 2 – 4 protests.
    I walked nude several times on my own and sometimes just stripped at a location for photos. I usually tried to avoid people at my photo sessions.

    There were many children at Bay to Breakers from all ages.

    Several times men would come up to me and ask <Don't you care that women and children were present?>. Note that children were not always present.
    I would ask these questions. Don't you think the women can take care of themselves and look or not look?
    What would happen to a child who saw a naked person?
    Don't little kids run around naked and don't the older usually laugh at nude people?

    I never got more than a startled confused look as an answer.
    I've called a bastard once and once a man screamed at me to remove the cross I was wearing. Uncomplimentary remarks were made about my penis, ass and/or body hair.
    Another time I walked past a school after school hours. Too my surprise two women with several kids, 5 -10 years old. I kid saw me and then the woman pointed me out to the kids and made some kind of joke (Spanish). I was such a threat. 🙂

  2. Well said Gus. Naturally kids don't care. Even the 6 year olds that laugh at Willies only do it because the appendage is usually hidden.
    any Paedo problem is with an adult's sexual obsession with kids, with or without clothes.

  3. The media could be playing a role but I also think that in today's day and age there is also the fear of pedophiles. Yes I know that if you are open with your kids from the start they should report any undue action against them, but things happen so fast.

    As for me I, I'm a home nudist, I allow the kids to go nude. a while ago we did speak of trying social, (but wife was no happy, so I dropped the topic), but it would be clothing optional and only my wife and I would go. The kids would not attend.

    • My wife and I have been members of a nudist resort for the past 8 years. Our youngest son has been coming there with us the whole time. It is considered a "family friendly" place, and indeed it is. We were amazed at how friecely protective all of the members were toward all of the children.

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