What can The Nook do for me?

Ask not: "what can the Naktiv site do for me?". Ask instead: "what can I do for the Naktiv site?"

What is your motivation in coming to the Naktiv site? Is it to contribute to the debate, to provide and to share content, or is it to suck energy like a leech? This is an important question for anyone taking part in any online social network, and something we each have to answer individually for our time online.

It's important that we all make an effort to contribute to our inter-linked networks, to create a safe and interesting online network within which people can persue nudity in a social context. If we don't make that effort, who will? It's precisely the same question which is generated when people moan about a nude beach closing. Well, it's UP TO US to keep it open, to do whatever it takes.

It's exactly the same with online networking. If you want it, you have to use it. Which brings us back to the question: "What can I do…?"

8 thoughts on “What can The Nook do for me?”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when you wrote of the importance of creating a safe and interesting online network within which people can pursue nudity in a social context. Unfortunately that in itself is a mammoth task as many who have used or use similar social networking sites will already be aware of. Motivation which was the key word for me as you lead into your blog does not always seem to come from users having the best intentions. Like male members outnumbering females so too do the negatives overshadow the positives. You touched on some of these already in other comments on the site regarding "ADD ME's". However, do we just call it a day and give up. NO… It IS up to us to keep it going and to do whatever it takes to make it a safe and interesting online network. We should all be policing the site and questioning suspicious activity. It is after all a site that is growing and as it grows it will become even more of a task for admin to keep on top it all without members help… AND THAT IS SOMETHING WE CAN ALL DO.

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