What Is A Nudist?

What is a nudist?

• A nudist is a person who is aware that the human body is the most marvelous and incredible biological machine in creation, and who understands that there is absolutely nothing shameful, indecent or offensive about it.

• A nudist is at one with nature in a way that the clothed cannot grasp. Humans are the only creatures on Earth that find it necessary to conceal their natural beings within an artificial exoskin, and nudists reject that cultural imposition.

• A nudist understands that clothing no more makes the man than fur makes the dog or feathers make the bird.

• A nudist enjoys the wonderful freedom of living without the illusion that layers of cloth somehow make life moral and worthwhile.

• A nudist does not embrace the pretense and the vanity of garments, nor the divisive imagery of class, status, wealth, rank, power and authority that clothing projects.

• A nudist condemns the egregious lie that nudity is synonymous with sexuality.

• A nudist understands that the nude human body is in fact far less exciting and stimulating than a body that is erotically clothed in garments that give free rein to the imagination.

• A nudist is appalled at the equation of nudists with sex offenders when with very few (if any) exceptions the real offenders are textiles.

• A nudist shakes his head sadly at the arrant, repugnant hypocrisy of a deviant culture that is monomaniacally obsessed with raw, naked sex, and yet condemns people for choosing to share a lifestyle of non-sexual nudity.

• A nudist is one who sees other people solely as people and understands that human bodies are biological shells in which the people live.

• A nudist knows that the familar acronymn, "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get), was a philosophy in nudism long before computer geeks adapted it.

• A nudist understands that when one is nude, that person has nothing but his or her personality to show to others.

• A nudist knows that a smile, eye contact and a friendly word say much more about a person than a thousand-dollar wardrobe.

• A nudist lives with the reality that the textile world will continue to practice its false religion of lies and illusions and degeneracy and evil, while seeking to destroy the simple, natural lifestyle of people who don't share their self-deception.

• And a nudist is one whether he or she is nude or clothed. Nudism is a philosophy and a way of life, not a state of dress.

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