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This is not a blog per se but a write up requesting advice as I am unsure what to do.

I have identified as nudist since I was 17. At 34, I am an "out nudist". In other words, most of my close friends know and so do my parents and some family members. While I do not hang around nude at my parents' home, they have seen me nude many times and the sight of my adult nudity doesn't bother them. They are aware of my nude vacations and know I am a member of naturist groups/organizations. I am fortunate enough that most people who know are not in anyway judgmental. Some do not wish to see me nude and that is ok but no judgements.

This week I received a call from my uncle who asked me if I could host my my teenage cousin this summer as he wishes to visit universities in my state. I enthusiastically said yes as my cousin and I have a close relationship. He is now 16 and when he was a young boy I often baby sat him and spent time with him. He actually calls me uncle Greg instead of cousin Greg. I am more than happy to have him come visit for a few days and take him to tour Universities. I am not too concerned about my nudity at home. My uncle (his father) is aware I am a nudist and I am pretty sure he knows I am nude at home so I would expect him to believe that it will not change.

Here is my dilemma. When I followed up with him about coming to New York this summer he said he wants me to take him to a nude beach. I honestly do not know if this is something I should do. He will be 17 this summer but I do not know if I should speak to his father first or just take him without his father's permission. I do not want to do the wrong thing as I have a good relationship with both people. I certainly do not wish to do anything that would upset my uncle which lead to issues with my parents. One part of me thinks at 17 he is old enough to make his decisions about such thing but on the other hand should his parents know.

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    • Hi. This was a year ago and my cousin did visit last summer for a few days. I escorted him on tours of universities that we wished to see. I did not take him to a nude beach as I never got his father's approval. My guess is that he never actually asked his father. However, he did have question about nudism and I answered them and referred him to some sites he can check out. He has decided to attend Rutgers University which is about an hour and half from where I live. I promised him that next summer, after he finishes his first year, I will take him to a nude beach or resort during his summer break.

    • I'm not quite sure as I haven't said much about it to him. He knows I am a nudist and go to nude beaches but beyond that im not sure how much he knows. My guess is that he's curious about it and wishes to try.

    • Yes, I think having him talk to his dad about it is the best course. That way, it will be obvious to dad that this is something his son wants to do, and not something he's feeling pressured into doing. As well, the son will get a better feeling for how his dad supports his choices, even when they're not mainstream.

  1. Send you uncle a message or phone him. Tell him you got to thinking about the cousin coming to visit. You live as a nudist part of the summer and want the uncle to know that the cousin may be exposed to seeing other people naked at beaches and summer recreation events. The uncle isn't likely to object because its all arranged. Just ask.

  2. Perhaps this is an option to take in consideration:
    Before summer, the three of you will probably meet on one or more occasions. Chatting along you might turn the conversation to the subject of your nudism and his stay at your place this summer. Or your uncle might mention it himself. Then your cousin can incidently say, he could go naked too, making it sound like a joke or cheet or something like that. Then you have the conversation where you want it, by just saying, "If he likes I can take him to a nude beach or on a hike". Then you have all slightly talked about the subject, and perhaps that makes it easier to make the next step. Not that he strictly gives his "permission", but that he might understand by himself, that staying with you, may implicate your cousin going naked as well. And a visit to a nude activity.

    • At 15 kids are allowed to start making their own health decisions w/o parent's consent. At 16 minors can be emancipated by their parents. But teachers go to jail every month if not weekly for sex with minor age students. If the relationship with the uncle goes sour, simply taking him to a nude beach could lead to serious legal hot water. "Contributing To The Delinquency of a Minor" is a serious offense in most states. I'd definitely seek his dad's permission. Sadly, it's might be treated like facilitating underage drinking, and while 9/10 might not get caught, but for the 1 that does… police always assume the worst.

  3. yes, this is a great dilemma. Ths best way is tell to your cousin and his father that you are a nudist and explain what this means in reality.
    Ask the cousin and his dad if is a problem or not. If your cousin is member of the college pe club, he takes showers and haven't problem this the nudity around friends.
    tell us whats happenend after the stay
    good luck

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