What you see. . . .(part 2)

Throughout our 'teen' years and those very thriving 1960's we bloomed in so many ways. Of course we got caught up in the 'pop music' and 'tv music shows' era along with millions of other young people. When we had friends staying at our house for many hours at a time, we were at first just not too sure why they found our very open attitudes unusual, a chance remark from one lad suddenly made us both (my sister & myself) really question who our friends were, why they were with us and more importantly were we really all that "odd". The boy said, "At home we're always told "shut up,sit down,cover up! I don't think any of us have ever seen anyone else without clothes on, even our parents, your family is fab and a bit odd, but not having clothes on doesn't matter here,we want to be here.

As we grew up and away from the family home we just maintained our basic family principals. My sister with her new family stayed loyal to our life, I wandered from one relationship to another for quite a few years. When I moved in with my first partner life was (for a few years) wonderful because she was from a naturist background too. When I met my wife-to-be we clicked together so perfectly, apart from one thing, she is not a naturist! As months turn to years and compromises are made, I feel it is important to stay with your 'core values' and have a base to build upon. We have now had many wonderful years together, we've coped with tragedies and swam in pools of amazing happiness. But when I still occasionally catch my wife looking at me in a certain way, I simply remind her "What you see is what you get"

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