Some folks have an answer ready for why they are nudists. And some, like me, wing it, if and when asked. I say if, because I haven't been asked. I have had people ask how my wife felt about me being an art model. She was the one who told me the art department at our school needed models, next question. I have had a fellow art student, when seeing a friend's nude body on canvas in a gallery show, wonder how her friend felt. I pointed to a painting of me and told "I don't know how she feels, but I think it's kind of neat". My friend blushed.
Why? Some folks answer with the standby, it's natural, others say it's liberating. Born nude. Well, okay, fine, I like to press the issue. Why? Personally, I love clothes, and love being nude, and being naked, and being nekkid. I am comfortable covered and uncovered and in between. My reasons for being a semi-nudist are simple, I like being naked.
Being nude as a life style works for some and doesn't for others. It's not something that can be done 24/7 without being in a place that it is allowable. Now I am going to step on toes, hell, probably stomp a few. Answering the door naked, is rude. It is borderline exhibitionism and it's inconsiderate. While some postmen and delivery boys may get a kick from deliverying to a naked person, especially a naked female person, it is potentially damaging to the cause. There are websites and Tumblr pages devoted to people getting reactions from delivery people by answering the door naked. It's something straight out of Allen Funt's (he of Candid Camera fame) "What do you say to a naked lady?" a movie from the early seventies that pranked folks on camera by having naked women show up in unexpected places. Males were verboten, at least full frontal because penises were X rated material flaccid or not.
So, why? Why does a person choose nudity as a life style? That's rhetorical, at some point everyone here has answered it, but ask yourself from time to time. What does it mean to you and what lines will you never cross. Keep that question in mind the next time you go to the door. Is it because you're being yourself? Or are you going for a cheap thrill?

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  1. So this blog is only about answering the door? In my case, IF I do it, it is because of laziness and only at my parent's house. It happened once that I felt it took too long to find a t-shirt, but pants I could easily find. The "postman" was a woman, was maybe surprised, but more in a hurry and just doing her job. Both of us did not care and only later I realized that maybe she might have found it weird. At other places I always make sure I'm dressed first.
    I would never go for a "cheap thrill" or whatever you call it, because it would make me feel uncomfortable if someone else interprets my behaviour differently than I do. For example, the chance that someone thinks "I mean more by it" is too high and I do not want to risk that.

      • That is indeed a very interesting question. There are several extreme opinions possible. There can be narcism, there can be carelessness, ignorance, curiosity, theater play… challenging oneself out of one's comfort zone…

        But in general.. I have the feeling that most naturists are naturist just for themselves – just because it feels good. I have not met many naturists who want to be naked for someone else's pleasure…
        Maybe in the arts, as a model, yes (for various other kinds of reasons, I can imagine) and maybe if you are an activist in general, who likes protesting and shouting and being seen.

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