Why do you post pictures of yourself naked?

The question came to my mind while participating in a recent thread about the kind of pictures we publish on the Naktiv site.
While reading the many comments on that thread (http://www.naktiv.net/blog/518/unacceptable-photos-for-a-naturist/), I realized one thing that may seem obvious: each one of us may have different reasons to publish naked pictures of ourselves on the Naktiv site.

And I think it could be fun and useful for all to know what these reasons are.
In other words: why do we do that?

I've read – and I am very sad for this – that some dont publish because they dont want to suffer from body shaming. Others may not entirely like the rules of the Naktiv site and avoid publishing pictures in order not to break those rules.
As one who published pictures of himself naked from time to time, I think that sharing our motives could help the whole community to open up a little bit. I'll state my reasons in the comments to this blog, I hope others will do the same.

I'd focus on two questions:
– Why do you upload pictures of yourself naked?
– Why dont you do that?

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  1. Because I live nude 24/7 at home, I don't wear clothes except in public when I go barefoot. Besides, it's my natural state – that's who I am, pure and simple, without the pretence of cl*th*ng. Most photographs of me show me nude – I have trouble finding a photograph of me wearing cl*th*s when I need one!

  2. The long and short (mostly) of it is that after being a very repressed prude for my first 50 years I am rejoicing in the God given joy of being truly myself.
    My dear Sheila just (yesterday) saw my recent photo on Flickr of me holding my parrot by the Christmas tree. Her comment, spoken grimly was,
    "and anybody can see this?"!
    That is so sad.

  3. For me I guess to show I truly am a nudist and not a gawker or voyeur. I DO NOT LIKE crotch focused shots. Nudism to me is not about glamorizing genitals. I don't understand I guess why some think nudism has to be sexualized

  4. I think one reason I post my nudes as a way of allowing others to see that I am a participating nudist/naturist rather than one of the voyeurs that sites like this seem to attract. I'm not saying that all members without photos are voyeurs, of course. Just that I think it helps to keep it real. And, not that this is one of them, but some sites tend to become a collection of crotch shots. I would like to think that my photos help illustrate that, for me, nudism is not genital exhibitionism.

    I also think it helped me be more open about nudism in real life. Most, if not all my RL friends are aware. I am almost, but not quite at the level of activism – yet.

    I like the conversations that some pictures bring about – even on Facebook :-O (I think I may post another nude on FB in the near future.)

  5. I's my natural state and I like to be that way. I wish it would be nothing special. Just normal. I don't see why there should be a constraint to show only pictures where everybody is dressed. That would be somehow silly the same way as if there is a requirement to show only pictures where I'm wearing a hat or whatever.

    Actually I can't be that much naked as I wish so I have to admit that sharing pictures is somehow partially a substitute. On the other hand it helps me to get in contact with others who like the same as I do and hopefully encourages me to attend some social naktivities in real life. 🙂

    I like the idea that – after a while – I just see a group of people hiking in the forest instead of seeing nudity. Just the same way that I just see a face instead of a naked nose. Actually it's come that far that I find seeing clothes on somebody is similar to see a thrown away plastic bag on a forest trail. Something which simply doesn't belong there.

    But now I've got an other problem. When you see three people in town walking in their bare feet you have seen a lot of feet. But when you watch all the naturist pictures I suddenly see a terrible amount of shoes what becomes more and more annoying to me.
    Of course I know that going barefoot is not easy or appropriate for everybody. So don't take that as criticism! But anyway it's my personal perspective. It's like watching a picture of a beautiful landscape and then you see a thrown away plastic bag in it. Again – I just want to explain how my personal perception has changed. I's just an observation – I don't criticize it.

    Nudity itself is attractive to me. It's just plain, simple and free.

    And it's still interesting for me to see which of my pictures are liked by others. Sometimes I'm surprised that a picture gets much attention where I previously thought it's nothing special. Feedback is always welcome.

  6. I post a lot of photos of myself naked because I like to be naked and I like to be around other people in a naked community. There are no nude clubs, beaches or facilities here so this site is as close to a nude community I have. So when I post photos of myself nude it is my way of participating nude in a nude community. I hope that makes sense.

  7. I post naked pictures of myself because…I'm used to being naked as I work as a life model. I don't think I'm projecting anything different in the pictures just because I'm naked. I don't do it to shock or expose myself. I think the human body in its natural state is beautiful. I'm very happy with my body. But I do rather like doing arty poses…

  8. I don't post a photo if a an underlying message is not visible or the photo is not appealing. I usually have something going on in the shot or it has an interesting back drop that conveys an idea of relaxation or fun. It has some artistic flair to it. A bland shot with a refrigerator or a blank wall is not something I look forward to seeing unless you are carrying the refrigerator.

  9. As a nudist the naked photos I share here are of me in my preferred state, naked. I feel that the real me is naked, not hidden by clothing and possibly giving out confusing signals through what I might be wearing. This site is for people who share my liking for nudity, or are considering living naked more, so it seems natural to share naked photos with each other, ones that show what we like to do when nude, places we spend time naked at etc.

  10. I recently joined the Naktiv site, and I didn’t upload pictures yet because not so much time free right now to sit behind my computer. But soon I will do, I think is normal you post some pictures of yourself. It is the same as joining a naturist club or going on naked holidays. You take your cloths off and socialize with likeminded others. the Naktiv site is not different from that.

  11. Why do any of us post pictures of ourselves? I don't post a lot of pics of myself, but I don't see a difference between nude and clothed photos. I am nude most of the time, so why should I put on clothes to take a picture? One of the reasons I am a nudist is because I never understood covering up random body parts, and embraced the philosophy that we should not be ashamed of who we are, including our bodies.

  12. Like so many others, I post photos of myself to feel part of the group. It's good to know that I can be excepted for who I am and others here understand the need to be clothes free and in the great natural world.

    Also like others, I was teased and beat up as a kid because I was skinny and an easy target. I am finally feeling great about who I am and what I look like and want to share.

    If my photos made it out to the world on the internet, I don't think I would really care. All of my friends and family will find out eventually anyway…Thanks everyone!

  13. we do it because the people here are of a kindred spirit,we don't like being clothed and our friends feel the same way,it's relaxing to be able to discuss things on here that textile-challenged people can't or choose to not understand.so i guess that makes us free.

  14. I am on this site to spend time with other nudists and since I'm on a fixed income and can't really afford at this time to join a landed club in my area, which are at least 1.5 hours away from my home, I use this site instead.
    I'm also not a mixer type social person.
    But I do want some sort of communication with other nudists and I think it's not right to view others photos here without contributing my own, in spite of feeling sorta panicky about doing so, (sometimes days after posting, I get nervous about it all and I have deleted some-I'm still relatively new to the nude life).
    I would like to attend a club someday when I have the time and money, my weekends are usually busy helping my wife w/ housework, garage cleaning, etc.
    So for now, the Naktiv site is the extent of my naked socializing.
    Nudism has helped me recover some sheer of body positivity and I want to share that with others here.
    I hope this all makes sense!

  15. Internet helped me discover naturism, and it was very important for me to realize that besides porn-like "nudist" images of young girls with "perfect" bodies, there were photos of normal people doing everyday activities in the nude. This is why now I occassionally share nude pictures of me here, to contribute to normalize the view of naked bodies.

    It's a shame that like Brent has said, you can't control the use somebody may make of my pics, so I try to conceal my face. I hope that in the future I can override this fear and show myself totally free and unashamed to like-minded people. It's much easiear for me to do it in real life than online.

  16. I enjoy the pictures on this site, partly because I have very few opportunities to enjoy social nudity these days. I believe that people generally look good nude and I enjoy seeing them walking or swimming or enjoying each other's company in the way that nudists do. I think this is a safe environment, so, in fairness, I thought I should at least put a couple of pictures of myself on here too. I don't have many pictures of myself nude and have only found two that I like enough to post. I might put up some more later but I am grateful to all of those who have posted their photos.

  17. I think it is normal human behavior as we are all longing to be part of a group. Sharing photos and joining discussions about everything that’s part of our lifestyle. Personally I think posting those photos is no big idea, I am quite comfortable with my body. Those photos are just showing me in my natural state, doing things that I enjoy very much, like being one with nature and just enjoying the sensations of being nude.

  18. This is such a simple question yet the answer can be so complex. My immediate thoughts turn to how prudishly I grew up, ashamed of my body and normal bodily functions.

    Then I reflected on the hidden side of me as a pre-teen and teenager who liked to be naked when nobody was around.I was very comfortable when nude but I hid it.

    In the late 90s I pursued nude beaches and found I loved it. I felt free. Then 2005 came and I discovered the on-line photo site Flickr. That is when I found how many people were comfortable with their bodies. I eventually posted nude photos simply because I could. I tagged many of my nude photos with the phrase <made in the image and likeness of God>. I tried to be artistic; many in my family are. I tried.
    I also want to mention that when I first started my nude adventures I was working as an assistant in a religious education program at a Catholic school. I even discussed my nudism with the ladies in charge. I am proud to be a person who is nude when appropriate and comfortable.
    I was never very motivated to success and would never work someplace where I could not be me.

  19. As I suspected, we all think different about the naked pictures. I think this could also help us to understand the need for rules defining what is deemed "acceptable" for the Naktiv site and what is not.

    I found of particular interest the statements of those who dont publish pictures. We all seem to come here because we share something even if our reasons to do that differ so much. Sometimes our beliefs and behaviours seem even to clash against each other, it might be a sign we could have many future debates about so many things.

    I also noticed that some of those who never publish pictures (many of them did not yet participate in this forum) do nevertheless comment others' pictures from time to time. To me that means appreciation and desire to be part of a nudist community. For those who publish it is probably relevant to be "commented" or "liked" by the others because sharing is a two-way street.

    My very own reasons for publishing some picture from time to time are several, in no particular order:
    – to contribute to the community, in the sense that I see how pictures are often the "excuse" we need to get thoughtful discussions going;
    – to affirm my exsistence, something close to what Augustus stated;
    – to share: I dont live in a nudist community and I dont have nudist friends who live close to me with whom I can share this lifestyle. Doing it here helps me to lighten the "burden";
    – for the default standards of beauty I'm a fat ugly individual with several body issues, so to me is somehow helpful when a picture with my body inside is well accepted. Being naked is part of that;
    – to show that we can share what we are without fear, hoping it can help others to lessen the level of fear in their lives and uplifting, instead, the level of joy and love.

  20. To date I have not posted any pics of me except for my profile picture. I guess this is for 2 reasons: 1. I'm afraid that somehow my pic will be displayed all over the net, (not that I have a spectaclur body or anything), and as I'm only sharing my desire to be clothes free with a few people I don't want everyone to know. 2. Follwing on from point one. I'm afraid of what close friends, family and aquantences will think, say and do. Both my wife and I are active within our local Church community and don't want to do anything that will disrupt this.

    Beside the two above reasons there is also the practical point. My wife won't take pics of me, I don't do selfies and don't have a camera to set a timer to take a pic of myself.

  21. By the way, sometimes I feel the photograph has artistic merit so I publish it, but usually I keep about 1 out of 40 pictures and destroy the ones that really don't do much to the "naked" eye!

  22. I post pictures to show to others that there is nothing to be ashamed about. I hope to encourage others, but sometimes some people wait for others to go first. Just like at the naked bike ride, people won't undress, unless they see someone take the lead. I used to be one of those people, but now when I feel it is time to undress, I notice that others do so at around the same time frame.

  23. I think that one of the big reasons is that this website seems like a safe place to experience social nudity, regardless of the phisical limitations we have, for example no nude venues close to you, or weather does not permit. I think the strongest/most memorable experienceces we have include other people. Whether we know them or not does not make a differerence. Just whether we experience them.

  24. I post pictures of myself doing stuff, last week it was ditch digging, so I am nude, big deal. That being said, I try to focus on the activity, not the nudity, so I dont post pictures that draw your eye to my genitals. In the same way as I wouldnt stare at your bits in real life, and wouldnt expect you to stare at mine I cant see why I would make my penis the main attraction of any photo.

  25. I am happy to post nude photos of myself online. While many of the health benefits of nudism can be gained simply by staying naked indoors or otherwise not in social settings, many of us would prefer to be naked in a social context – to see others nude, and to have others see us nude. And having internet sites like this one allows us to behave "socially" in a community of friends and acquaintances who also are happy to behave "socially," when we show photos of each other nude. It isn't quite so good as actually being with a lot of other naked people, but it is better than hiding!

  26. I don't. Chiefly because I don't now have the same desires to make my nakedness known worldwide. I have been a naturist over 60years, actively involved over 35 years (a few years ago) and now in retirement taking steady care of a quite ill body & medium disability.
    I do admire & encourage the vivacity of young naturists now, I hope they can achieve everything I have tried to.
    There are so many lovely people with naturism in their souls who deserve & need the publicity. Their photographic status should be seen worldwide….also In The Flesh !! !

  27. I don't post naked pictures simply because I can't think of a single reason to. I have an avatar. You can see me in it. Hello! Right…now you've seen me I can't think why on earth you want to see pictures of me, sitting, weashing up, walking, looking at things, etc etc…. Very bizarre.

  28. 1. I like people to notice me. I live on my own and there are times when I wonder if I matter or even if I exist. Knowing that people have seen me, and maybe pressed 'like' and maybe even commented makes me feel wanted. And since my preferred dress code is to be nude it makes me feel even better if people 'like' pictures of me naked – it makes me feel validated and comfortable.
    2. To publicise the nude way of life. To spread the message that there is nothing wrong with being nude, that it is normal and harmless. And better than being clothed.

  29. As a life long nudist I thought I was well past the body shaming issues I encountered in my youth. I found that today I am most determinately not past them. I posted photo's of myself nude to show that I was and am comfortable in my own skin. At least I thought I was. Funny thing about harassment and bullying is you believe you can never be a "victim" because your stronger than that. Well let me tell you that you can. If the perpetrator is relentless and demeaning enough you will indeed begin to doubt yourself. Will I post nudes again? yes, On here? likely not. Unless those that are as narrow minded as their textile counterparts shut the hell up. Sorry for the rant (well sort of). Stay nude and hopefully happy.

    • The power of the bully is his freedom to deprecate.
      <"If the perpetrator is relentless and demeaning enough"> he will beat you down, I know.
      I have hundreds of self nudes on the Flickr photo site.
      Two or three losers have taken the time over the years to point out that my flaccid penis is short and not thick.
      I pointed out that they were very observant and total losers.Friends (and strangers)also expressed their low opinion of the jerk.
      I,for one, totally support any person expressing his own idiocy but I also appreciate your not wanting to be ridiculed by the idiot.

  30. I think that pictures are necessary to illustrate naked activities from the members and give the others idea to do such activities. Pictures of other members permited me to discover other countries and organize a travel in this area. A blog without pictures but only text haven't any interest

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