Wild and naked in Scotland – part II

I've just returned from a week's holiday on Colonsay (inner Hebridean island, close to Mull and Jura). In common with most of the Hebrides, Colonsay has a number of lovely sandy beaches with few, if any, people on them. The weather was cold, wet and windy for the first half of the week but later on the sun came out and I was able to find a great spot on one of the beaches to lay in the sun and swim in the sea au naturel.

It has a tidal island too – Oronsay – and I must make sure that next time I visit the tides are right for me to strand myself on there for a day between the tides. With the whole island (hopefully) to myself I'll be able to wander naked wherever I want.

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  1. Added from my daughter (who's visiting):

    New Zealand and Australia have quite spectacular wildernesses too and it's not restricted to the one valley you're in ..

    From the top of a lil hill you could see in all directions only the 4wd track you yourself had come in on …

    Natural beauty in it's purest form! Especially when coming across natural springs which are warmer than the surrounding temperature. 'Twas nice to be there too 🙂

  2. The idea of having a whole island to yourself to wander around naked and free sounds great. The same applies to timing a visit to coincide with tides to allow you to have the whole beach for nude relaxation. I'm a fairly sociable person but I have to say that whole days spent naked in natural places on my own have been very enjoyable experiences, so relaxing and free.

    • Yep, the entire island to yourself sounds marvelous. I recall during a trip to the Himalayas (a long, long, time ago) when I was hiking (clothed) along a glacier in the depths of the mountains being surrounded by only rock and ice as far as the eye could see. I experienced a certain sense of being especially irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. Tiny in the huge cosmos.

      • There are a few local bits of beach here in Sussex that you can do this on. If the tides are right, and due to being backed by steep cliffs so access is only possible by boat or abseiling, it is possible to have a fair sized stretch of them to yourself, or with a few friends.

        There are also lower cliff levels that you can scramble up if the tide is high and the all the beach becomes awash.

        When the tides are really high you can be there for up to 6 hours with little chance of your 'desert island' dream being invaded. The beach is mostly pebbles so the desert island dream might not be the stereotypical one, but its about as near as I'm going to get to achieving that for the time being, so it does me fine for now.

        I'm not always in the mood for being cut off, I'm fairly sociable, but it does make a change to do this occasionally. You can always wander around the lower cliffs if you don't just want to read a book or chat.

        Not today though, I'm off to spend the day with friends at the beach in the best way, socialising naked.

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