Winter 2019

It seems I’m yearly in need of sunshine when the North German weather is starting to get worse; end November, beginning December..

Last year I went to Fuerteventura, and this year I just went back there! Lessons learned, so I rented a car and booked a cheap place to stay, and took only a small suitcase with towels, flipflops, sunglasses and some summer t-shirts 🙂 Despite hitting my toe on the very first rock that I came across while wandering on the beach, I had a great time. Met some very nice people on the nudist beaches of Esquinzo, who shared their life histories, while bathing in the Atlantic (not so cold, but watch out for the jellyfish!) and bathing in the sunshine!

Next to all the naturism, I visited some nice towns and saw a sun set in the Atlantic, stunning..

Maybe next year I can go again: longer, not necessarily during winter, stay at the NaturistBNB, or go on a hiking trip through the mountains. Many great plans and ideas!


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