Winter Gives Way to Spring

Ah, winter gives way to spring with the sun’s rays getting warmer and snow melting faster. Regarless, I like getting nude in nature and I had an enjoyable couple of hours in the sun this weekend. There is still snow up to a foot deep in places around the property but there places with bare ground too.

I walked my path without the benefit of snowdhoes. That was going great till the hardened snow top gives way and sends you lurching to regain your balance. As my clearing finally got some direct sun I ventured over and and sat down to take in the cool breeze, warm-ish rays and listen to the birds.

When stepping on frozen snow you realy are lulled into a sense of security. At least till you hear the inevitable “crsssh” sound snow makes when it gives way to your weight.

That is the sound I hear as I was sitting, relaxing in the sun, looking at the trees. Scratch that. Suddenly I am hurled backwards as the rear legs of the chair break through the hardened top layer. Sitting now much like an astronought with my feet to the sky and my head and back on the frozen snow I struggle to right myself.

Once upright again I drive the front legs of the chair down and give thanks for being alone. Lesson learned – recovering from breaking through frozen snow is far easier when you’re upright.

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