Working Nude

I got out to the property the last couple of days. The first thing I did was to strip off my clothes and cover myself with insect repelent. Sooooooooo many mosquitos! 

Got a little burnt on my back so I tried working with a t-shirt on but I had to take off because it was to hot. Lots of mosquito bites – despite the repelent.

It is so much nicer working nude. I worked more carefully to avoid injurying myself. Another new expeience for me – having to lift my genitlals while climing over boards. It was a strange feeling having them resting on lumber, when you”ve spent your life hiding them.

It feels good to be so free. The bug bites are even worth it! Sweat evaporates and cools you off instead of wetting your clothes and making them stick to you.

Yes. I like working nude. In fact I think I’ll go do some more.

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