World Wide Nudist Guide List:

Discovered through one of our Nudist Brothers on here – @Sesveluto (I believe correct) – Who put together this wonderful  – “Worldwide Nudist Venues Map Guide List”. It looks very complete, I mean if your a newbie to Nudism it’s a perfect way to locate Nudist venues in your area. A lot of home Nudists don’t often know places to enjoy completely Naked in their areas, Nudist recreation locals. Let’s promote Nudism with our Nude bodies as often as we can, to normalize the Naked body, especially in prudish U.S.A. !! Enjoy yourselves completely Naked this summer.



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  1. I’m viewing it on my apple mac computer in the Firefox browser. Since it’s from Google Maps, I do see a flicker of a redirect page, part of their tracking. I wonder if it’s something to do with that on whatever platform you are viewing from.

  2. Senvestulo: Thank you for preparing the map and seeking updates and corrections. I’ve looked at places where I have recent experience. BC, Alberta and Quebec. Your beach listings there look good. Guadeloupe is incomplete. I spent a couple of months there recently. Anse Tarare (is a bit east of your button. It is in fact marked by a camera on your map). Further east on the same coast, Anse de la Saline has a nudist section, mostly older couples, at the west end of the beach. I prefer the atmosphere there but there isn’t a restaurant near by. The northwest coast of Guadeloupe has nudist beaches too – including Plage Naturiste! A short hike along the coast is required to get to it.

    Johnny: thanks for sharing this map.

    As with most things these days there is a app for that as well ( but your map has more detail, for example in Canada, than that app!
    A crowd sourced resource, like the one you are creating is awesome. I urge others on this site to contribute in areas they know well.

  3. Thanks, Naked Johnny, for passing this forward. Please feel free, anyone, to send me additions and corrections to this map. I know that unfortunately clubs go out of business, and new clubs spring up, and there are some that have been around for a long time that I’ve never heard of. This is a compilation of many other peoples’ works, the photos and many of the links to the businesses are from Google as are the maps. This is built on Google’s MyMaps platform.

  4. Thanks, Naked Johnny. It’s good to have independent confirmation of accuracy. I’ve posted it out on Reddit (which is where I believe you found it) and at least one naturist/nudist subreddit has it pinned at the top of their forum. I hope to get input from all over the world on accuracy. Input from r/naturists is where I got the input to add most of what is there in Germany and Sweden. Nick from NakedWanderings showed me the Cap’nBarefoot site that gave me Greece. Many have been added from people just posting about their favorite locations on reddit.

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