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Yes I’m a Naturist. You ask me to get my clothes on like it’s something wrong. It’s not, nudity to me is natural because we were all born this way. That clothes to us Naturists is for when it’s cold. I don’t come in to your home and ask you to get naked because I’m uncomfortable with clothing. In fact, I’m completely fine if your clothed or not. It’s a matter of choice if you decide to have clothes on or not. Naturists are very friendly and opened minded on lifestyles. Why would you discriminate social and non-sexual nudity? Embrace body acceptance and acceptance of others.

Don’t look at nudity as something shameful. What ‘is’ shameful is, linking social nudity as something sexual and tabooed. People been so brainwashed by media, news and all the porn on the internet/tv/mags — that textiles have had their minds re-programmed to when they see nudity ‘SNAP’ they automatically associate it with sexual-ism. Just as you who wear clothes, we are protective on who we associate with in life because even in the Naturist lifestyle we too have people who pretend or are nudsts who are uneducated in our way of life. Them people we disconnect with. We have the same in common… sexual predators. We’re just simply living on opposite sides of the pond. Textiles and Naturists don’t want to have to worry about having to encounter a sexual predator. Yes, by nature humans are sexual beings but there is a time and place for everything and to have maturity level and ability to control how one behaves in public, like the clothed world.

So please, the next time you visit a Naturist home or in person, evaluate them just as you in the clothed world as we do in the Naturist world and make your judgment responsibly. If you do encounter a Naturist, Talk with them and you will see we are actually very kind and friendly people.

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    • It's much easier to yell at other people for making you uncomfortable than it is to analyze yourself and realize that the discomfort is all yours, and the only way to get rid of it is to consciously change yourself.

  1. It is sadly ironic when the same men who accuse male nudists of being perverts and predators (in fact your nudity is taken as PROOF rather than an indicator) immediately turn into the biggest sex crazed sleezes when confronted with a female nudist – especially a young attractive one like yourself. I have occasionally wondered which naturist has it worse: the male who is constantly triggering alarms and threats of the law or the female who is constantly triggering lecherousness and, well, threats of a more personal nature.

  2. Very well phrased Scott, I just wish every person in the world could read & understand your words. All of the people that enter my home do have to accept our nudity when we choose to be naked. We have found that if we tell people before they arrive at our home that they are very likely to see naked people, the majority accept that and come in with no problem.
    Well said Scott, I do like this blog!

    • I agree, Patrick. I've got a notice on my door that says "This is a NUDIST household. Please respect our choice not to wear clothes." Cold callers are therefore forewarned. If they decide to ring the doorbell, they won't be surprised if the door is answered by a naked person. Also I make sure that any tradesmen I engage for work in the house or garden are happy with me being nude while they work. I've found that most tradesmen are okay with nudity. Those who aren't don't get the work.

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