Had a rather odd day yesterday , every week a lady calls at the house to deliver a magazine for my wife , normally she would come on a Wednesday , she usually stays for a cup of tea and a chat and then leaves after about 30 mins , in the past I have mentioned that I was a naturist and nothing was said about it so yesterday I was watching a film on tv as you saw from my pic that I posted the front door was unlocked and I was in the lounge with the door shut , in the past I have always said to Chloe ( the ladies name ) that I may take a few minutes to answer the door ,so I could put something on , however as yesterday was Thursday and I thought she had already delivered i did,nt think about any visitors anyway about 11.00 yesterday morning the lounge door opened and she walked in with the magazine to see me totally naked on the sofa , but the reaction I got was not what I expected I offered to dress and make some tea but she said its fine , after I got the tea we sat down and she said that she had always had a longing to visit a naturist club but her husband was never interested and would never allow her to go on her own so I suggested that as I was nude in the house quite a lot I would be happy for her to come to my house , with that she a,she'd if it would be ok to undress and join me , so we both enjoyed a nice half an hour tasking about naturists and naturism , I also showed her this site so I,m hoping she will join what an odd Thursday it was lol

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  1. Its always good to hear of new people trying out nude socialising, especially when its in a very straightforward manner like described here. The visitor surprising you while doing a very ordinary activity while naked, accepting what she found and wanting use the opportunity to try naturism.

    I've come across people with a similar unfulfilled wish to try nude socialising. When they've discovered that I'm a nudist who's happy to talk about why I prefer life naked, curiosity is often the initial reason they pursue the topic. This has sometimes led to them saying they've long had a wish to try nudism/naturism, but for various situational reasons have not got round to trying it. Responding in the same style as you would discuss pretty much anything else has led to a few people accompanying us to local nude beaches etc. Finding a spot away from crowds to make it easier for their first public nudity, and us treating it as we would if we were on our own there. Them knowing we'd be nude as soon as we could be, with no pressure on them doing likewise immediately, has always resulted in them being naked very soon afterwards.

    I think there are a lot more people out there who'd love to try social nudity, some may have been held back by partners not being into it like your visitor. If those of us who are experienced naktivists can treat the subject in a relaxed and sensible way when we discover others wanting to experience naked living, I'm sure we can help encourage others to give it a go. I can think of many people who've taken up nudism, but struggle to think of anyone who was a nudist and then became a textile. I think that's a very powerful point as to why living naked is so good, once tried people seem to understand its a good thing.

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