In the Eyes of the lawman!

We had a visit from a police officer a few days back, he smiled as he entered our apartment to find us all nude. He stood by the doorway into the lounge as if he was unsure about actually coming into our lounge. Then as he looked at his notebook he looked around all 5 … Read more

More Jam On It?

When I left school in 1966 I wanted to be a baker ! I could only see myself making loads of bread products and maybe doing a little bit of cake decorating as a profitable hobby. I began a job in a bakery on the Monday after I left school, my mother needed me to … Read more

Life Goes On

During this lockdown we have seen our ‘carers’ reduced to two from three, now they wear aprons, gloves and masks. We felt as if we were contagious in the beginning, but then we realised they were also making sure they brought no infection in to us. It really did feel very different being helped into … Read more

Climb to blackened injury (2)

We parted from our two pals on the long walk home. We must have looked like a comical pair, {almost} clean clothes covering coal blackened skin ! Lorraine had hurt her elbow and she began to cry, partly from her pains but mostly from the fears of what mother would say when we both got … Read more

Climb to blackened injury !

In the 1960’s it was great fun being a teenager when we had ‘pop’ music and lots of friends to enjoy it with. We also had many adventures where we could ‘go out and play’ for many hours feeling free to explore, unlike the situations today !  We didn’t mind staying dressed when we could … Read more

Home nudist

I used to work a job that started at 4 am and ended at 1 pm. The world is a ghost town in my state in the early am hours, a few 24 hr stores and a Dunkin Donuts are open that early but thats abouut it. I decided one day during summer to be … Read more


During this period of confinement exercise outings are permitted for 1 hour within a radius of 1 kilometre. I take the opportunity to explore the surroundings of the house.A path goes in the forest, normally used by the climbers who are going to reach a climbing area . From the small quiet horizontal path, a … Read more

Was It Day 1 ?

Many years ago I ventured onto a naturist beach for my first time. Fortunately it wasn’t very busy and the few people there were a good distance apart. I had been a ‘naked person’ all my life so nudity wasn’t a problem, the new surroundings & total strangers were something I wasn’t totally at ease … Read more


Since I’ve had major computer problems in January I haven’t been able to get ‘ online ‘ to continue my regular contributions. Now I have a new laptop replacing my previous ‘ Desk Top ‘ computer. I have had quite a few problems logging in to groups & places that I have previously used almost … Read more


Recently we have been getting small black ants coming into the house.  Through summer we have been relatively free from these ants in the house, they have tended to stay outdoors.  We have seen many ant lines in the yard, and across walls, following paths – the ants obviously looking for food to feed the … Read more


We rarely get fog here on the lake two or three days a year. A little further south there is instead the great plain of Brescia and then the great Po Valley. The fog has a particular light, without shadows; it is like seeing the world and objects in a close-up, taking them out of … Read more