A Sad Farewell.

I apologise for my lack of use of this site in recent months. We have had quite a lot of illness to cope with in this ‘new year’. Sadly it has taken a tragic turn,Ā  my wife sadly passed away last Sunday evening, (28-5-2023). She had developed pneumonia and then had 2 heart attacks quite … Read more


This is from Wikipedia interesting šŸ§Ā – As Nudist Iā€™m certain it will be an interesting read. Lifelong Nudist myself – Anything to do with Nudism I dig to read. But being outdoors completely Naked is the Best of all. Read this then completely Naked outdoors! Voila !!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_nudity

Nudismļ¼š A mirror to the human soul

Our soul represents spiritual orĀ  eternalĀ  nudity….whereas ourĀ  physical nudity is a mirror image…naturism or nudism enableĀ  us to be comfortable, respectful of not just the self but also of others^ nudity too…allĀ  theĀ  more it gives us the freedom to be what we truly are without crossing the limits….

Anticipation of paradise

I am reading a vulgarization of the of Honorius of Autun in an ancient Venetian dialect (written shortly before Dante). The work is a kind of agile catechism, consisting of questions from the student and answers from the master. In paragraph 81 of book three, the student asks the master: Ā«What clothes will God’s elects … Read more

Alone, we bare it !

Has your daily routine been affected by the covid-19 epidemic ?Ā  We have been a little more restricted to staying within our own home, although that hasn’t been such a major change it has been more noticed when we have really wanted to be with other members of our small family. We don’t usually have … Read more

Greetings & Expectations.

As the festive season approaches and thoughts of ‘decorating’ the tree or even your home bring palpitations. We remember years gone by when our home was filled with family & close friends, all adding to the wonderful atmosphere and the hopes of better times ahead.Ā  This year sadly my wife & I will be alone, … Read more

The quiet man !

I have seen kindness from an unexpected person that has restored my faith in my fellow man. My wife has been in hospital now for 2 weeks, she needed to have a small but urgent operation on her bowel. After the operation which was very successful she developed unexpected complications quite suddenly. When I was … Read more

Cover or No Cover

It is a good thing to wear a mask in public places such as shops or on public transport, no one really questions that now. The problem arises when someone with a medical condition affecting their breathing, having some kind of bronchial ailment, is excused wearing masks. Then somehow people like bus drivers or checkout … Read more

New Report