4 thoughts on “Nocturnal Free Hike”

  1. Hola, Luis,

    I just now see this wonderful photo of you. Technically it has its points. But the suggestion is remarkable at most. Your picture invites to meditate, be attentive, care: and what we do for the nature around us, we do directly for us too. Belonging to nature is not like a birth certificate: it is an intrinsic bond, which exists even if I am not aware of it, like breathing, digesting, listening, defending myself from viruses and a thousand other things. Thank you Luis, for this beautiful moment you gave us.

    • Thanks Vittorio. You prefer morning walks, i prefer night walks. It is less likely to bump into other people. I also supposed by your photos that you prefer free hiking // that means walk naked freely, without any backpack or other appendages. I dont have the nerve to do that, althought i have made several encounters in the nude without problems… Have a good week.

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