Sharing is caring

Social media network is a term which is used to describe a platform such as Facebook, and many others, where people come together to share common interests, chat about stuff, swap experiences, and so forth. The success and entire point of the web is that it’s an interconnected WEB, which by definition makes this an information sharing environment.

Let’s spread the good news, let’s share our naturally naked adventures with other folk. Let’s show them how harmless, and above all how much fun, being naked really is. Post your blogs, post your images, comment and chat about these things and share this information widely with others in different places. There’s no point in preaching to the choir, WE already know what we know. Let’s share this great lifestyle with the mainstream. Let’s make a difference!

However, if you don’t want to participate in sharing your information quite so freely with the great unwashed public, or perhaps you are worried that someone else will do so, rest assured that you can still restrict your exposure here. There are multiple layers of permissions options, provided for you to use as you see fit. Use them! Please don’t complain about anything being shared from here, unless it’s a system software bug of some kind. If it’s the latter, please report this at your convenience so that we can fix the issue as promptly as possible.