For any and all material/images which are uploaded to the Naktiv site, the uploader implicitly states that they have the right to distribute this material and equally accept the fact that material posted to the public internet are available for anybody to copy and paste. Please note that observing copyright is important to understand, both here on this site and on any other place on planet earth too. Blindly uploading stuff from elsewhere on the internet without at the very least correct attribution, is just a bit lame. Remember YOU are LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for all of your uploads.

If you are uploading material from another originator, which is in the public domain, (eg; ancient roman statue, first world war postcard, rennaissance painting, material over 50 years old, etc.), the original source is still good to know. With more recent works, as a minimal courtesy as well as bearing in mind the legal ramifications referred to above, you should at least CREDIT the originator. It is not suggested that every image *must* have attribution, and we all know what google and faceache do. If you download an image by Gustav Courbet from google, we attribute Courbet, not google.

The same applies to photos in which other people appear. Sensible people exercise a reasonable level of discretion. If we’re out naked in public places, a city centre or public park or the great outdoors, and somebody takes a photograph there is little complaint to be raised. If the venue is a nudist club, or naturist resort, or other private venue, clearly other conditions apply. If you are uncertain, then you should clarify the matter with the people, or venue, concerned. Please use a little COMMON SENSE.

This is too huge a subject to cover here comprehensively, but you can read all about copyright issues in any public library, and there is massive amounts of easily available material on the internet also. Plagiarism and copyright violations can be notified to the site administration. In either case, please include as much information as is relevant and which might help to identify the original source.

In terms of privacy, you can and always have been able to link to any material on the Naktiv site from anywhere else, (with the single proviso that the remote link is relevant to and compliant with the mission-statement here. It is imperative to realize that visibility is always the responsibility of the UPLOADER. The onus is on YOU to take responsibility for your actions.

For liability concerns please also read our terms

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