Naked European Walking Tour 2014 – Tuesday The Tuesday began with us splitting into two groups, with one part taking the cable-car up, with the still recovering… ... Read more
One small remark about NEWT 2016 The one thing that sets NEWT apart from other naturist events is its dedication to the true naturist cause. The… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2012 – Saturday Saturday June 30. I left the outskirts of the German city of Munich, with the Polly the collie and several… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2015 – Sunday This year was a special year, as we had three (3) separate groups of naked hikers under way in Austria,… ... Read more
Newt 2013 Friday 19 July Friday July 19 For our last day, it seemed like most people would be happy to visit a lake and… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2011 – Saturday More info at: This year's Newt was based at a farmhouse in Leogang, Austria. The more than 20 people… ... Read more
NEWT 2017 Tent group report NEWT 2017 Tent group 28-7 For me the first day of the NEWT 2017 and start of my 7th participation… ... Read more
POEM (in Dutch) inspired by NEWT 2017. Title: De Nobele bloten Inspired by encounters during the NEWT, I wrote a poem in Dutch. So I will share it in Dutch. It… ... Read more
Naked European Walking Tour 2012 – Sunday Sunday July 01. It was sunny and hot when, post-breakfast, we decided to take a short tour near the hut.… ... Read more

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