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The suspense genre, thriller or detectives, He has always had a large number of followers. We can see it on television with series ranging from a housewife who solves crimes even a doctor with a terrible mood who must find the diagnosis of his patient. But before all these audiovisual productions, the crime novel writers … Read more

The Road Less Travelled

An interesting post that I found recently: A Case for Social Nudity — By John Figleaf “The Road Less Traveled” has been used as titles for both songs and books. The meaning behind it is rather obvious—going places most people don’t go. There can be a lot of valid reasons a “road” is less traveled. … Read more

A quiet evening trio.

We had a fairly quiet Christmas Eve & Christmas Day really, we had our niece Lisa to stay over, her son & husband were both feeling ill with some virus infection. Lisa was quite well & very brightly happy & looking forward to our evening of tv films, mince pies and brandy sauce. We got … Read more

Laundry Day

During summer the need for laundry days are limited. But now, during winter and working period, it’s of course needed from time to time. Today I booked the laundry room in my house of flats, with two efficient machines. So why not wash also the clothes I was wearing on my way to the laundry … Read more

Reactions, louder than words?

I wonder what reactions people have had when they tell someone “I am a naturist”?  There must surely have been some very funny reactions and some, I guess, of just open-mouthed amazement! Maybe some folk didn’t really understand the word ‘naturist’ or whichever word you used. We have had various reactions from ‘oh yes, well … Read more

Harvest time

A mason’s level perfectly horizontal between me and the ripe wheat: in a few days, it will be reaped. The sun ripened it, just as it did us, day by day. I feel ‘live-in’ with the vines, the plant, the grass, the rocks and the sun that never stands still: everything is interpenetrating, consubstantial while … Read more

Garden Awakening!

We had our ‘Spring Garden’ event a couple of weeks ago, not really a big event just a few family people and around 6 or 8 others who kind of ‘drift in’ each time.  We like to mark what we think is the awakening of our garden after a sleep and resting. As always we … Read more


This is from Wikipedia interesting 🧐 – As Nudist I’m certain it will be an interesting read. Lifelong Nudist myself – Anything to do with Nudism I dig to read. But being outdoors completely Naked is the Best of all. Read this then completely Naked outdoors! Voila !!

Una rosa sul mio percorso

In un giorno qualsiasi, di un anno qualsiasi ho incontrato una rosa, sbocciata spontaneamente. Il colore è sorprendete in tutto quel verde, non puoi non notarla. Non è come noi che abbiamo uno scopo per tutto ciò che facciamo: lei sarebbe sbocciata comunque, non aspettava me in particolare: lei fa la sua vita. Sono i … Read more

When I was 16yo

A memory from when I was 16. I don’t know if it’s a poem; it’s one word after another (written in 2013).   I have time for others while I think about what to do for later. What jumps out at me, I do, driven by a spring that throws me into the water. I … Read more


Sauna is a good place to introduce beginners to naked lifestyle. And gradually open for them active naturism. Nudity in the sauna comes naturally to many. Men, women, children. In one place. Naked. Without shame.

Paesaggio bucolico

Appena veduti i vignaioli, ero indeciso se scattarmi la foto. Poi ho sentito una pressione interiore che mi ha spinto a preparate macchina e cavalletto. Ero ancora in tempo a scattare semplicemente la foto al paesaggio. Ma di nuovo da sole le mani si sono mosse a togliermi giubbetto e pantaloni. E ho scattato: avevo … Read more


War… Pain and fear… War breeds anger. But a naked man must be a peacemaker. A naturist must be in harmony with nature and the world around him. A naked person has no pockets to hide weapons. A naked man will not stab in the back. Naturism is honesty and openness.

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