Una rosa sul mio percorso

In un giorno qualsiasi, di un anno qualsiasi ho incontrato una rosa, sbocciata spontaneamente. Il colore è sorprendete in tutto quel verde, non puoi non notarla. Non è come noi che abbiamo uno scopo per tutto ciò che facciamo: lei sarebbe sbocciata comunque, non aspettava me in particolare: lei fa la sua vita. Sono i … Read more

When I was 16yo

A memory from when I was 16. I don’t know if it’s a poem; it’s one word after another (written in 2013).   I have time for others while I think about what to do for later. What jumps out at me, I do, driven by a spring that throws me into the water. I … Read more


Sauna is a good place to introduce beginners to naked lifestyle. And gradually open for them active naturism. Nudity in the sauna comes naturally to many. Men, women, children. In one place. Naked. Without shame.

Paesaggio bucolico

Appena veduti i vignaioli, ero indeciso se scattarmi la foto. Poi ho sentito una pressione interiore che mi ha spinto a preparate macchina e cavalletto. Ero ancora in tempo a scattare semplicemente la foto al paesaggio. Ma di nuovo da sole le mani si sono mosse a togliermi giubbetto e pantaloni. E ho scattato: avevo … Read more


War… Pain and fear… War breeds anger. But a naked man must be a peacemaker. A naturist must be in harmony with nature and the world around him. A naked person has no pockets to hide weapons. A naked man will not stab in the back. Naturism is honesty and openness.

Do I Know You?

My wife has recently been through a course of treatment at our medical centre which involved 4 separate visits. The mere thought of preparing for a short journey there was daunting for her. The carer (care giver) had to make an extra visit to help get her washed, dressed and ready for every event. Usually … Read more

More moors

After a rough nights sleep, I decided to go to Chapel Town, near Delph reservoir. It’s only a small moor, but easily navigated and not as treacherous as some others that I’ve walked

Normal couple living a nudist dream

Hello everyone, we are Andrea and Mark, just your normal average married mid 50s couple, with grown up kids all left home. We fell into naturism around 10 years ago, and loved the freedom so much, we eventually emigrated from the UK to Vera Playa in S/E Spain to enjoy more nude freedom. We work … Read more

My Naturist Activities for 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone. I recently posted a write up about my naturist activities in 2021. If you’d like you can read about them here at https://bccin.wordpress.com/2021/12/11/naturist-activities-of-2021/ I had a really great time this year with lots of opportunities to be with like minded people.

The old cherry tree

A few days ago, I took this photograph of myself. I just liked it. Now that Christmas and the New Year are approaching, I can see more. And I understand the ritual of the upcoming holidays. The cherry tree has lost all its leaves: it is naked like me. But after Christmas and New Year, … Read more

Everything’s gold

In autumn, everything is golden. The light that filters through the leaves is a joy to the eyes. The vines, after giving us the sweet bunches, now give us their colours. And these mulberry trees, now that there are no more silkworms, after giving us shade in summer, now give us this precious light; a … Read more

Autumn light

Our words carve out boundaries between one thing and another of what we see. We name this and that: the light, the leaves, the pond. We add with our adjectives something only human, but indifferent to nature: there is a “naked” man! Nature has no thoughts: it has other ways of coordinating, of not bumping … Read more

Surprise again!

We had a surprise party laid on for us for our 26th anniversary, by our great friend Angela who is about to leave the UK for a working experience in Tenerife. She has been so good to us over the last 10 or 12 years through our most trying health issues. Her fabulous late mother … Read more

A new nude arrives.

Our niece Lisa has recently given birth to their second son, who arrived beautifully on time and at home! Yes in the UK it is uncommon to have a baby at home, the news sent minor shock waves through her neighbourhood. Although the actual birth happened just after 7am the sight of a (precautionary) ambulance … Read more

Clothesoptional society

I hope someday our human society will become really clothesoptional . The person himself will decide how many clothes to wear and whether to wear at all. Naked people on the streets will become the norm. Society is developing very rapidly now. Once homosexuality was persecuted, today LGBT proudly pass through many cities of the … Read more

The best suit!

How much time do we spend choosing clothes? How long do we stand in front of the mirror and decide what clothes to wear in the park? Blue or white shirt? Short or long dress? What kind of underwear to wear? But we forget the best suit is always with us. Suit made by Mother … Read more


With the mushroom

I wanted use last very nice and warm day on this period of nice and warm weather. It was just easy Sunday’s walk in the nature near the village Pača. First part was grass field and than forest. And I have found nice mushroom at my way back – direct by the walk. So I … Read more

Nudity is beyond reproach

Nudity is beyond reproach This morning I saw a young lady in a flashy dress, with a lot of make-up, high heels and the movements of someone who knows what she’s doing. All OK. I would have already forgotten about it if it weren’t for the fact that the practice of nudism makes me constantly … Read more

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