Autumn light

Our words carve out boundaries between one thing and another of what we see. We name this and that: the light, the leaves, the pond. We add with our adjectives something only human, but indifferent to nature: there is a “naked” man! Nature has no thoughts: it has other ways of coordinating, of not bumping … Read more

Surprise again!

We had a surprise party laid on for us for our 26th anniversary, by our great friend Angela who is about to leave the UK for a working experience in Tenerife. She has been so good to us over the last 10 or 12 years through our most trying health issues. Her fabulous late mother … Read more

A new nude arrives.

Our niece Lisa has recently given birth to their second son, who arrived beautifully on time and at home! Yes in the UK it is uncommon to have a baby at home, the news sent minor shock waves through her neighbourhood. Although the actual birth happened just after 7am the sight of a (precautionary) ambulance … Read more

Clothesoptional society

I hope someday our human society will become really clothesoptional . The person himself will decide how many clothes to wear and whether to wear at all. Naked people on the streets will become the norm. Society is developing very rapidly now. Once homosexuality was persecuted, today LGBT proudly pass through many cities of the … Read more

The best suit!

How much time do we spend choosing clothes? How long do we stand in front of the mirror and decide what clothes to wear in the park? Blue or white shirt? Short or long dress? What kind of underwear to wear? But we forget the best suit is always with us. Suit made by Mother … Read more


With the mushroom

I wanted use last very nice and warm day on this period of nice and warm weather. It was just easy Sunday’s walk in the nature near the village Pača. First part was grass field and than forest. And I have found nice mushroom at my way back – direct by the walk. So I … Read more

Nudity is beyond reproach

Nudity is beyond reproach This morning I saw a young lady in a flashy dress, with a lot of make-up, high heels and the movements of someone who knows what she’s doing. All OK. I would have already forgotten about it if it weren’t for the fact that the practice of nudism makes me constantly … Read more

Osmosis of difference – 2

As animals, we are very different from plants. Yet we love the green expanses of meadows, the great forests of beech or fir; we even like the grass or moss along the paths that invite us to walk barefoot (if not bare-skin). Something attracts us to nature, and it’s something we don’t have: the peaceful … Read more

End of the Summer?

beautiful view of the valley

Yesterday was very nice and hot day, and they was saying, that cold days will come. I had free afternoon, so my desire and plans was pure. My walk stared about  2 PM. I took my skinners (soxs for walk) and after few meters I took off my shorts .. Freedom has started! On the … Read more

Osmosis of difference

I was struck by this scene on the way out this morning. I’ve walked past it a thousand times: the light was probably different. I was struck by the oval lit by the first sun and the black of the foliage of neighbouring plants against the light. In the past few days, I have been … Read more

Nude Gardening In The Neighborhood

Perhaps the term “neighborhood” doesn’t truly fit the area where I live. Several miles from the highway, and several miles from the nearest town, we live, as we like to say, “In the sticks”. There are two houses within sight of my place, both belonging to the same family, but they’re a comfortable distance away. … Read more

Naked Camping, Hiking and Driving

I recently went camping with family. My plan was to go solo camping after for a few days and take in a hike – free style. It’s surprising how much I was looking forward to free hiking in the wilderness and naked camping! So on Sunday family and I parted ways and I headed off … Read more

Es nuestra *derecha* ser desnudo a la playa!

Bueno escribado el articulo sobre “LA RESISTÈNCIA NUDISTA” de el CCN, pero queiro agregar algo. Penso es un idea in principio malo que necessitamos más señales para naturismo. El movimiento “gay” tiene *leyes* para su derechos. El movimiento naturismo tiene algo señales (alguna veces). El differencia viene de el caso que los gays “came out” … Read more

My nude walks

My last walk was short but nice. I was returning from a visit to a nudist beach on the Palcmanská Maša reservoir and I had a taste for free movement in nature. Not far from the road there is a small lookout tower with a cross. I pulled on my skinners and walked slowly up. It … Read more

Brian Johnson

Some of you may be familiar with Brian Johnson. He was a motivated naked hiking exponent, regular activist with the WNBR and the author of several hiking books across the GRs in the Pyrenees. He was a member of the NEWT in 2010. Recently in June 2021, while staying in his camper van, and practicing … Read more

New Report