Blossoming cherry tree

Irresistible to pose next to this cherry tree so beautifully in bloom. We try to attend and stay close to beautiful things that make us happy just by looking at them, just because they exist. The mere presence modulates our mood, and from the mood slowly moves a reset of thoughts, connections and knowledge. Sometimes … Read more

My little almond tree

This year the almond tree bloom is late. It still doesn’t fail to give joy to those who watch. I’m glad to have it in my little patch of garden. Lombardy is on its umpteenth lock-down: you can’t get out of your home town. Spring is borderless, and I like having this term of comparison … Read more

First sunbathing

It has been a cold and rainy winter as it should be. I carefully keep away fears and hopes, obsessions and news of the moment because they distract me from the peace and serenity of nature. I fill up on warmth, vitality, vitamin-D and all things “positive” about life – I don’t need tests to … Read more

6 Ideas For A Fantastic Naked Year 2021!

After a tiring and bizarre year 2020, I wish you a happy, beautiful and naked year. While many wish to quickly forget 2020, it has also enabled some to discover the joy of living naked at home, through remote working, and thus contributed to expanding the naturist population. It made people discover remote encounters with digital … Read more

2020-2021: out of the tunnel

A tree that has become dry from the ivy has fallen, almost blocking the way. But a passage remained, I passed through it and a word formed in my mind: it seemed to me that I was coming out of a tunnel. This is my wish for all Naktiv-friends: to get out of our tunnels … Read more

Naturist Symbol

You might have heard about it on other social media, this symbol was chosen as the Naturist Symbol. It is meant to recognize each other even when we have to wear clothes. A lot if information about the birth of the symbol can be found on the website And the symbol can be downloaded … Read more

Our Gang’s Days

When we were young teenagers my sister & myself would always enjoy our ‘adventure days’ together. School holidays were always the excuse to gather a few friends and go off on our ‘Adventure to Africa’. Actually it was a trek to a wooded area about two miles away from our home village! We had our … Read more


This Saturday: Naturistenlauf! I will participate in the 5k 🙂 The weather is said to be perfect this year! Let’s hope that everyone is able to be there, despite Corona, and enjoy the naked sporting event! 0

Naturism, No, It’s Not For Me! Never!

If you are a naturist and have talked about naturism with friends, you surely have some who told you they would never ever try. They cannot even think about showing their “private parts” to others. You may sometimes wonder how to convince them to, at least try. Here are three ideas to try to convince … Read more

Tantra massage

Last Thursday, July 23rd at 10:45 p.m. the German television channel WDR broadcast a report of about 40 min. on the tantric massage. It can be of possible interest to many of us. At least for two reasons: 1) there is a way to the body, ours or others’, far from the “social distancing” that … Read more

Refreshing waters

This is a representative picture of yesterday’s beautiful hike along the Re torrent in the Inzino Valley (N45°43’12”,E10°10’38”), not far from home. The path runs along the stream: about every 500 m there is a small waterfall and a tiny lake. The water is crystal clear, refreshes, washes the sweat, restores tone to the muscles. … Read more

Ten suggestions for improving nudism/naturism in Cantarriján and everywhere!

The following post was written by the naked and active folk who frequent the Cantarriján beach in Granada, Spain. Although there is some natural focus on their beach, the suggestions are generic and can be applied almost everywhere. There is a strong synergy with the Naktiv ideal to “come out naked!” which I especially like. … Read more

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