Trees I have committed a small book of photos of self-portraits with trees. Another way of looking at naturist hikes. ... Read more Trees
Now the rain and cold started It was just in time that I hade a week in the sun two weeks ago.  Now I am having… ... Read more Now the rain and cold started
Another boring day ahead…   Last week I had my vacation. East part of the Algarve, next to Spain. The summer was still there. ... Read more Another boring day ahead…
working from home blues… Returned from my week vacation on the seaside (southeast Portugal, the Algarve) i returned to my "working from home" blues. ... Read more working from home blues…
Faro Convention & facial masks Fifteen years after its approval, the Italian Parliament has signed the Faro Convention (Portugal - 2005) the Council of Europe… ... Read more Faro Convention & facial masks
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My last hike During my last hike, I arrived at a mountain pasture (Costaro, 45.907059, 10.269950) only because I was told that there… ... Read more My last hike
Music I've decided to show some respect to a 300-year-old Bohemian composer and play his concerto PROPERLY. That means daily practice… ... Read more Music