My little almond tree This year the almond tree bloom is late. It still doesn't fail to give joy to those who watch. I'm… ... Read more
Nude season 2021 has already open! I think a lot of people in Germany have enjoyed the unusually warm weather of the last three days. In… ... Read more
First sunbathing It has been a cold and rainy winter as it should be. I carefully keep away fears and hopes, obsessions… ... Read more
Nudism: A mirror to the human soul Our soul represents spiritual or  eternal  nudity....whereas our  physical nudity is a mirror image...naturism or nudism enable  us to be… ... Read more
Anticipation of paradise I am reading a vulgarization of the of Honorius of Autun in an ancient Venetian dialect (written shortly before Dante).… ... Read more
Alone, we bare it ! Has your daily routine been affected by the covid-19 epidemic ?  We have been a little more restricted to staying… ... Read more
Mistletoe A photo from a few days ago. In the past years, I used a photo like this one to wish… ... Read more
6 Ideas For A Fantastic Naked Year 2021! After a tiring and bizarre year 2020, I wish you a happy, beautiful and naked year. While many wish to quickly… ... Read more
2020-2021: out of the tunnel A tree that has become dry from the ivy has fallen, almost blocking the way. But a passage remained, I… ... Read more

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