Acanthus 40 days later In 40 days, the acanthus plants bloomed. Following the flowering of a plant is a spectacle that amazes and enchants.… ... Read more
We need to keep fit in this pandemic I've been running every day but I need to exercise other parts of the body especially my arms. I also… ... Read more
A self-made nude-pass Seen last night on self-funded TV ( The text sent by a viewer reads: "Freedom is also the courage to… ... Read more
Naked hiking over a local hill in Tarragona So Polly and I decided to venture up a local hill, which had been bothering me for some time. The… ... Read more
Everything is charged up, off to my spot Got my stuff charged and found out there is a 3 day weekend here in the states.  Funny cuz my… ... Read more
Ferias em Julho aceito convite para ferias seja homem mulher ou casal, gosto da natureza, dispenso os texteis em casa e na natureza ... Read more
Light is a stream Light is a stream of energy that allow knowledge. Through the eyes, it goes to the brain and brings messages… ... Read more

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