Clothesoptional society I hope someday our human society will become really clothesoptional . The person himself will decide how many clothes to… ... Read more
More Naked Hikes This summer i did not pass all my time being grilled by the sea. First that the vacation dates i… ... Read more
The best suit! How much time do we spend choosing clothes? How long do we stand in front of the mirror and decide… ... Read more
Fascinated by light As the saying goes: nature is nurture. I feel attracted to light and I don't know why. I know that… ... Read more
With the mushroom Paca I wanted use last very nice and warm day on this period of nice and warm weather. It was just… ... Read more
About me. My name is Artyom. I am 37 years old. I'm from Russia.  Once as a teenager, I completely undressed on… ... Read more
Van Tan Club and Sol Sante Club Visits I had the pleasure to visit both clubs and have written about my experiences there and posted pictures. If you'd… ... Read more
Nudity is beyond reproach Nudity is beyond reproach This morning I saw a young lady in a flashy dress, with a lot of make-up,… ... Read more

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