Face Covering Irony

It occurred to me that COVID-19 has presented an ironic turn-about. Every day, there are more news stories about people who are upset about requirements to wear face coverings or masks in public places. Some even react violently about the rules. While the debate over the coverings obviously is a multi-faceted argument, one thing is … Read more

Naked German doctors

  German family doctors are making an unusual protest: they are posing naked to report the shortage of PPE (protective clothing and equipment). https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/27/german-doctors-pose-naked-in-protest-at-ppe-shortages https://www.blankebedenken.org/ Why naked? 1) The original meaning of the word (from the Greek gymnós) was “without weapons”, so is gymnastics and so were Spartan gymnopediai (war dance performed by youths). The … Read more

The FEAR of allegations of sexism, racism, etc. as group control

I have a great little book here, on the subject of “Come Hell or High Water, a handbook on collective process gone awry”. It covers a multitude of situations where multiple people come together with a common interest, and their dream of working together smoothly breaks down somewhere along the way. Essentially, the reasons are … Read more

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