It’s our *right* to be naked at the beach!

There’s a well written article entitled “the Nudist Resistance” on the CCN website, but I have something to add to it.

I contend that the idea that we need more naturist signs is in principle a bad one. The “gay” movement has *laws* to protect it’s rights. The naturist movement has a few signposts, sometimes. The difference arises from the case that the gays “came out” and protested. The naturist movement needs to come out into the open too. Let’s go to the textile beaches in naturist mode – it’s our right to be naked at the beach, every beach! The textiles come to the naturist beaches, ok, nothing happens if they behave with a little respect. The naturists go to the textile beaches, ok, nothing happens if they also behave with a little respect. It is our world. We need to create the world which we want to have.

It is our *right* to be naked at the beach!

You can read the Castellano version here.

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  1. “We have nothing to fear – But fear itself.” Is an apt for us Nudist – to abandon our shame filled outlook regarding our Nudists rights. There are a few American communities / States that have done so. Look at Lake Travis-Hippie Hollow (Austin), Haulover Beach (Miami Beach, Black’s Beach (San Diego), Gunnison/Sandy Hook (New Jersey), Wreck Beach, Collins Beach/Sauvie Island (Portland, OR) in Canada Wreck Beach located in Pacific Regional Park. Many of these are on State or Federal Lands (btw there are NO anti-nudity laws on Federal Property per se). You see, what Rich speaks of – ‘Can be done” – it’s up to each of us who considers themselves not tied to AANR “Nudist camps” (they are fine for some families – single men watch out!). Please listen up. Rich is NOT wrong – we are being lax in our own “Nudist Lives Matter”. WE need some leadership here.

    Long ago my Grandad was involved with Lee Baxandall in the 70’s as a young Nudist, he helped promote “Free Beaches” as they were called on National Nude Beach Day he had a flock of Nudists who took over for the day discreetly making few waves into Textile – Nudists in harmony. I believe (I’ll have to ask) though Baxandall has passed, his Nudist Son has taken over the magazine “N” that I believe is still in existence. It also has a booklet with Nudist Sites – that could easily be targeted for a form of legality.

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