Naked with textiles on the beach

The local beach is usually occupied by textiles of one number or another. There’s a particularly public/family area, near the campsite and the car park, and so I tend to avoid that area. Not far away however, there’s another beach which is less populated and if you’re there early enough it’s possible to have the beach entirely to yourself. As it’s a fairly abandoned beach, dogs are more or less welcome here, which is a must-have for me as Polly can come along too.

It’s quite common for there to be several naturists on the beach, and several dogs and several textile groups. So it’s a great place to mix it up and let naturists see textiles and textiles see naturists and for everyone to just get on with their own thing. There’s no hassle and no hysteria about “them”, usually. It’s a place which is far more about “us” enjoying the beach, each in our own way.

It’s refreshing to see people actively being inclusive instead of exclusive. Very often on naturist beaches you see signs “Naturist”, as a kind of warning (don’t be surprised as you may see naked people here) and also as a statement (you are not welcome here unless you are naked). In my own view, I think any signage is misplaced, and we (as naturists) should be fighting for our rights to be naked on each and every beach at any time. This is already the de-facto case on many beaches in Spain for example, although where there are huge numbers of tourist families one does tend to meet the occasional misinformed “you can’t be naked here, I don’t like it so it’s illegal” brigade.

When you are the only naked person in a conglomeration of textiles, then it’s easy for someone to raise an objection to you. Strength in numbers. If the beach has a few scattered naturists distributed along it, then it becomes much harder for any one person to be singled out and bullied off the beach. More importantly, when people see naked folk at the beach on a regular basis, they start to think of it as normal. I urge everybody to push the boundaries of acceptable use, and to make seeing naturists at the beach an everyday thing. Let’s normalize nudity!

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  1. I strongly agree. Inclusive (and not exclusive) should be the way. It is always refreshing to see someone else push the boundaries (as you say) and casually take off their clothes to enjoy water or just be in nature. And when I have myself done that (once during a hike, there was a stream, people refreshed themselves, I dared to just go nude and was very happy to have done it; there was mild surprise perhaps but nobody seemed to be upset; another couple of times I have had the courage), I have been extremely happy. And I hope others have followed suit!

  2. That sounds like a really great beach! That’s how it should be, too…everyone doing what they like, without getting upset about what others are doing! How nice it must be to walk, play with your dog, or simply enjoy watching the waves nude, while those who wish to wear swimsuits share the beach harmoniously!

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