Naked Camping, Hiking and Driving

I recently went camping with family. My plan was to go solo camping after for a few days and take in a hike – free style. It’s surprising how much I was looking forward to free hiking in the wilderness and naked camping!

So on Sunday family and I parted ways and I headed off to my new adventure. I didn’t realize it till I was camping but this is the first time I have ever camped solo! I arrived at Hambone Lake campsiteHambone Lake campsite which is located in the central interior of British Columbia to find one of four sites occupied. I stopped by and chatted with the other people and learned they were packing up and heading out. So, that meant I’d have the whole site and lake to myself – till someone else showed up that is.

After they left while I was still setting up my camp I stripped down and sprayed Deep Woods Off on me to keep the bugs at bay. After pitching my huge tent I made dinner and sat under my tarp waiting for the inevitable rain shower to come in. Boy did it ever! I ended up retreating to the comfort of my sleeping bag to keep warm while the thunderstorm continued all around me. But before it rained I went skinny dipping in Hambone Lake.

Shows me coming out of the water nude. Hambone Lake

As I was getting out someone drove into the recreation site. As I was wrapping a towel around me there was no doubt in my mind that there was no doubt in their minds as to what I was doing. They stopped and we chatted for a bit before they headed back out and I went for dinner at my camp site and to await the inevitable rain.

Before leaving to camp I had a chance to check weather forecasts for the area and learned that it would rain the first and second day of my trip.

Shows a naturist setting up a picnic table Outdoor Kitchen

Then it would be sunny for my planned hike and departure the day following. So, I pretty much hid in my tent when the rain, wind and cold was to much to be outside naked as I refused to “dress” for comfort. I did relent and wear a thin white long sleeve shirt which oddly enough made me feel warm enough.

The following day it rained for about three hours in the morning then the sun came out to play. I relaxed and took it easy because I knew more rain was coming. So, I sat in the few bits of sunny area I could while staying near or under my tarp.

Naturist sitting in chair by a tent Warming in the Sun

Finally, the next morning after much rest and relaxation I got the forcasted sunshine. I got up at eight in the morning, had my oatmeal breakfast (gotta stay regular!) and headed out to find the trail I’d be hiking that day.

Upon arrival at the Tacheeda Lakes Lookout trailTacheeda Lakes Lookout trail it was obvious that I was the only one there (it’s an in and back out trail). So I put my shorts into my backpack and grabbed my camera and pack. Just as I was about to step out of my vehicle naked and a truck pulled up then right in front of me. They backed up and parked near me so I had a choice – own it or struggle to put my shorts on before they notice anything.

The debate raged on in my head for a bit but owning it won out. I stepped out the car, slung my pack over my shoulder and headed for the trail. As I mounted the short hillside to get to the trail it turned around and I could one of the three guys staring at me. I had my red baseball cap, white long sleeve shirt, backpack and running shoes on and nothing else.

It looked like they were going to take the trail too, so I hurried myself up to make sure I stayed well ahead of them. They were after all there to clear dead fall from the trail. What other reason would they have for getting chainsaw, gas and safety equipment out?

Well ahead in my lead to the top, I had to climb over and crawl under a lot of dead fall along the trail. Finally, getting a view through the trees of a nearby lake, I stopped to take a picture. By then I’d been hiking at least an hour on my own and was wearing nothing but the shoes, hat and back pack. Suddenly I noticed movement to my right…

I don’t know how he did it carrying that chainsaw and wearing all that safety gear but there was one of the three guys! After I expressed my surprise I assured him I’d try to stay further up ahead. He didn’t seem to mind that I was naked, in the wilderness…

Moving along faster I could hear the chainsaw and kept moving to try and out pace them. Who needs issues when you’re naked in the forest anyways!

Shows a naturist posing on a trail Hiking

Some time after I took the trail selfie I found that I’d lost my phone. This was no good as I’d have to back track to find it – it has my map! So, begrudgingly I trekked backwards to the guys clearing the trail hopping that I’d find my phone before I had to face them. As luck had it, they found the phone and brought it with them to give to me when I got to them… Own it I thought again. I’m not doing anything wrong here. They apparently didn’t think so either as not one of them said anything about my dress code but all three of them had great big smiles as I went to each one asking if they had found my phone.

With my phone in hand (this time physically holding it the rest of the way in and out) I headed back up the mountain side to my final goal.

A naturist taking a picture Fire Lookout Tower

The hike up for this view was totally worth it. More so by the fact that I did it naked and unashamed. About hundred feet away from this tower is a platform which I stopped at to let my feet dry out.

A naturist laying on a platform with a view Platform with a view

After resting up on the platform and having a bite to eat I started my hike back down. I never had any problems going up but for some reason I kept slipping on the way down. I guess my soaking wet runners aren’t the best hiking shoes to go out with. 🙂

I had a grand time camping naked, hiking naked and driving naked on the forest service roads. I even enjoyed the solitude of camping by myself.

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  1. I have the same “debate” over going ahead naked or not, when I faced someone in my way, but usually I dress myself. The times I had passed someone with my birthday suit it was when people came unnoticed. I usually explain that I am naturist and did not think anyone was in the trail. Nobody seemed to care. Thanks for your blog.

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