My Naturist Activities for 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone. I recently posted a write up about my naturist activities in 2021. If you’d like you can read about them here at I had a really great time this year with lots of opportunities to be with like minded people.

Van Tan Club and Sol Sante Club Visits

I had the pleasure to visit both clubs and have written about my experiences there and posted pictures. If you’d like to read about it or see the pictures you can here

Naked Camping, Hiking and Driving

I recently went camping with family. My plan was to go solo camping after for a few days and take in a hike – free style. It’s surprising how much I was looking forward to free hiking in the wilderness and naked camping! So on Sunday family and I parted ways and I headed off … Read more

Wells Grey Provincial Park – Free Hiking

I recently had the oportunity to go free hiking in Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC, Canada. I went to a water fall lookout called Deception Falls. Access to the water itself was non existant but the lookout provided excellent views. Anyway, I left early and as it was mid week I expected to be by … Read more

Nude Brush Cutting

Sunday June 7th, 2020. I spent the day on my property brush cutting the road up to my secluded area. Once I was away from public view I stripped down and enjoyed the cool breeze flowing over my skin. With nothing on but shoes, gloves and head protection (face and ear) I started up the … Read more

Topless ladies threatened

Meanwhile in BC where it is legal for women to be topless – this happens.

Springs here but damn it’s still cold!

Last weekend was to cold for me to try to be nude. The property is finally emerging from the snow with only a patches of snow left here and there. The weekends previous though were great temperature wise even with the snow. I really love being nude outdoors. It’s such a pitty that our laws … Read more

Spring is here

Spring is here but winter still has it’s cold grip on us. With only a few days left inĀ  March of 2020 it snowed all day yesterday but today it is gently raining. I’ve been cold all winter and had very little nude time even in my own home so I am really looking forward … Read more

Naktiv Improved

I haven’t blogged here for a while but then Naktiv was offline. I’m happy to see it back and looking forward to warmer weather where I am. It’s been a deep freeze with minus 40 degree weather here (thats the same temperature in Celcius and Fahrenheit). Finally warming up but still to cold to be … Read more

Nude Snowshoeing

I went nude snowshoeing yesterday. Temperatures barely came above freezing and the wind chill was OK because of the surounding forest. Around 35 cm of new snow over a couple

Nude Beech

I had an unexpected chance to visit a nude beech on Friday. It was my first time in a social nude setting. I loved it! If/when I get the chance

Cabin Work

On the property today. Weather is definately cooling off. I worked nude anyway. When I got a little to cool from screwing, sawing and measuring I switched over to digging.

Nude Lookout

Last weekend I was travelling from south central BC to the central interior. Along the way there is a lookout over Kamloops Lake. I thought I might try for some

Nude Day

I did some driving last week and stopped along the highway. Being in a remote region has advantages. I took a swim in river – it was very cold despite

Working Nude

I got out to the property the last couple of days. The first thing I did was to strip off my clothes and cover myself with insect repelent. Sooooooooo many

Yard work

I spent most of the day brush cutting and raking nude. I’ve got a bit of a burn (some what resemble a red lobster). I couldn’t be more thrilled working

Snow Tanning

Monday I spent a couple of hours laying on a cot in 6 inches of snow. It’s melting quickly – finaly. It was warm enough to “bask” in the sun

Snowshoeing Again

I had the chance to go snowshoeing again today, it was colder than last week but the sun managed to make more of an apperance so that offset the cold.

Naked Snowshoeing

Weather wasn’t great, but favorable enough. I went naked snowshoeing today. It felt great to have the cool air on my skin. I didn’t even shiver at all. My toes

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