Nude Day

I did some driving last week and stopped along the highway. Being in a remote region has advantages. I took a swim in river – it was very cold despite the fact that it was very warm out. Lounging about the riverside nude for about an hour before finding my back to my vehicle. There … Read moreNude Day

Yard work

I spent most of the day brush cutting and raking nude. I’ve got a bit of a burn (some what resemble a red lobster). I couldn’t be more thrilled working nude in the forest. Birds singing, flys flying and bees buzzing through. Drinking lots to make up for the fuid loss of sweating, I realy … Read moreYard work

Naked Snowshoeing

Weather wasn’t great, but favorable enough. I went naked snowshoeing today. It felt great to have the cool air on my skin. I didn’t even shiver at all. My toes got a bit cold in my boots, but that was it. I might post a picture later in the week. 0