Nude Brush Cutting

Sunday June 7th, 2020.

I spent the day on my property brush cutting the road up to my secluded area. Once I was away from public view I stripped down and enjoyed the cool breeze flowing over my skin. With nothing on but shoes, gloves and head protection (face and ear) I started up the gas powered brush cutter once again.

With the noise muffled and the smell carried away, I contued taking care of this seasons wild rose, false solomon seal, pine seedlings, clover, poplar volunteers, weeds and grass now trying to take over the rest of my fair weather road and my trails. Squeezing the handle for full throttle the machine whirled and sliced through the fresh growth like there was nothing there. The odd root protruding from the ground be damned!

With the sun peaking through the rushing clouds the threats of rain were carried away while I worked back and forth in comfort with relative ease. Thanks to Deep Woods Off the bugs were only doing the touch and go landing routine usually reserved for new pilots learning how to land.

The occasional flick of vegitation coming back up to my shins, thighs, genitals, chest and occasionally my face were nothing and quickly forgotten as I pressed on naked and unashamed. Stopping only to refill the tank when the machine sputtered and died I walked back to my truck and retrieved that gas can so I could continue my work. I kept it close by now as I got further from the truck – in the interest of getting things done faster you undersand.

Through this path, around that corner and a little widening here and there I continued through my pathway. Finally, three or four tank refills and all of my path finished I was ready to call it done.

There was even enough sunshine at one point for me to break out the cot and lay in the sun for a little tanning session.

I am thankful for my little patch of earth and that I can be naked there. My only worries are the wildlife that can prey on me. Bears are frequent visitors in this area. Not as frequent as deer or moose. Elk have come through and recently a wolf! Not a bad spot for nature or naturism as its only twenty minutes from home.

Yup. I’m a blessed man. A blessed, naked man.

3 thoughts on “Nude Brush Cutting”

  1. Thanks Kevin for you recount of brush cutting on what is obviously your hide-a-way property. It was what I needed while I sit here in the coolness of winter covered enough so as to avoid the chill of the air this time of the year.
    More stories like this please.

  2. At least while you’re running the brush cutter you won’t have to worry about wildlife. The noise should warn them to leave. For other times, be careful, be aware of your surroundings, and keep something defensive handy. And enjoy the view of the non-predatory wildlife.

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