Mission Statement

The Naktiv site is provided as a safe place for people to post Naked and Active content and to share this perspective as far and wide as possible. Please do not come here expecting this site to be the same as the one you just came from, whatever that was, and take note that this is not a typical naturist site per se. We have Artists AND Nudists AND Free-Thinkers AND more here. Our common currency is to positively promote the acceptability of the naked human body in all contexts. To make a positive difference we need to:

  • Work TOGETHER to promote the idea of freedom of choice to be dressed or not.
  • Stand up and be counted for the principle that being naked is acceptable in any context.
  • Stop hiding and to COME OUT NAKED.

The idea that we should build walls and exclude people is a flawed and historically proven to fail approach which only generates alienation and non-understanding. We can USE social media for the purpose it was invented, to build the naked network and to promote mainstream acceptance of the naked body.

Keep it clean and healthy folks, and ENJOY!

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