Photo guidelines

The Naktiv site is here to promote the naked human body as being acceptable in all contexts, and actively encourages members of to post media, Art works and diverse photos of their activities. Part of the purpose for this is to demonstrate how harmless and how much fun being naked can be. However, just being naked is not always enough and, because this seems so constantly to be misunderstood, here are a few guidelines to help the less experienced contributors.

Positive naked content is always welcome and non-exclusively includes people engaged in:

  • everyday activities like gardening, decorating, repairs etc.
  • sporting activities such as hiking, running, sailing, cycling etc.
  • artistic endeavours like¬†drawing and painting, theatre, music and dance, performance etc.
  • leisure activites like sunbathing and swimming etc. and all that fun stuff!

Negative content is not welcome, that will be summarily removed, includes people engaged in:

  • hiding or obscuring their faces while displaying their genitalia, YAWN!
  • standing in that especially gormless “look at me and my penis” kind of way.
  • masturbation or spreading their legs for the camera and you and variants thereof.
  • being naked on the bed or in the bathroom or in the cupboard etc. etc.

There are a billion uninteresting photos of naked people all over the internet. Don’t be the loser who posts the one-billionth-and-one “me and my genitals” photo.¬†Let’s be clear about this, being naktiv does not mean having a specific criteria for quality photos, or Artistically worthwhile, or politically motivated, or naked in public, or true nudist only, or huge crowds of naked people, or anything of the sort. If you look through the site, you will see a truly vast range of images, covering an enormous variety of ability and subjects. This is what makes the naked human body exciting, that it can be seen in so many different ways, by so many different people. Let’s all try to do what we can to maintain that level of diversity and interest and where possible quality.

By all means post away, but please take a moment to think before you post.

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