World Naked Gardening Day May 02, 2020

This Saturday, May 02, is “World Naked Gardening Day”. It’s a great opportunity to get closer to the natural environment while doing productive things, while enjoying the comfort of working in our normal and natural state of nudity. For those of us who already embrace the idea that “nude is normal”, WNGD is another way … Read more World Naked Gardening Day May 02, 2020

Thinking about summer during the coronavirus lockdown

  Well, we’ve been in a fairly severe lockdown at home now for 4 weeks in Spain during the coronavirus/CoVid-19 pandemic so far this year. It’s not especially easy for anybody, my dog Polly particularly misses the longer walks. Nevertheless one needs to remain positive, remember the good times and begin to plan the next … Read more Thinking about summer during the coronavirus lockdown

Mixed blessings

Having been self isolating for several weeks now and also looking after our young grand daughter so that our eldest daughter can keep farming, has been an interesting time. The weather has been pretty much idyllic for a naturist lifestyle style, thankfully said grand daughter also loves this lifestyle as well. The downside is that my lovely wife is only joining us for a few days at a time as she and her team in the NHS are working long shifts trying to keep us all safe. There is now a ritual when she does come home in the evening usually exhausted. Clothes off at the door and straight in the washing machine, followed by a hot bath and scrub, and then we get a cuddle.
However a few days being naked in the garden usually ensures she is refreshed and ready for the next stint on the front line.

Stay safe and stay naked everybody for you own sanity

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Life Drawing

This nude has been highly revered as an art form for thousands of years, hope you like this artwork courtesy of new life modelling job 🙂 I will be doing couples life modelling with a nice lady called Wendie once the Corona crisis is over, please stay tuned 🙂 0