Self tanning?

As I was applying  a dollop or squirt of the tanning solution I began to wonder if others did the same? I know that women use the stuff for their legs, but do men use it on their bodies? I know it serves me well for my self esteem. And I always feel that much … Read more


I don’t know what all the fuss is about! I am avoiding this wretched virus by self-isolating naked in my house and garden. Fortunately, the weather has been kind just lately and I’ve been able to spend most days topping up my tan. I suppose I’m fortunate in having a garden where I can go … Read more


With this self-isolation,  I have to admit I haven’t been too fussy about wearing too many clothes in going about doing chores in the house. The only visitors to our front door is a young lady called Carol who fetches supplies from the local shop and drops them on the doorstep. It was a particularly … Read more

A surprise!

I had invited them to join me in having a cup of coffee one morning. They were two friends I had known for years and were of the same age. On-time, as usual they were at my front door with two other people. Although strangers they were very pleasant and we all soon began chatting … Read more

Who gives a hoot?

I’ve often wondered what older women think of being naked among naked men? Are they really ashamed of their bodies with drooping breasts, overhanging folds of flesh on their hips

Too much!

I’m getting fed up with all the articles about Nudism and what difficulties are being encountered by individuals to practice being naked. Just how difficult is it to take off

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