With this self-isolation,  I have to admit I haven’t been too fussy about wearing too many clothes in going about doing chores in the house. The only visitors to our front door is a young lady called Carol who fetches supplies from the local shop and drops them on the doorstep. It was a particularly cold day last week when doing the washing up in the kitchen I heard the front door-bell. Without thinking, and with wet hands, I rushed to the door. There, our ever faithful Carol was standing with open mouth and smiling at my naked body showing out of the open dressing gown. Too late to correct the situation I boldly opened the dressing gown further. It was then I began to get an erection. “How I wish my husband had one that big, we could have lots of fun!  She was still laughing when she turned and walked away from the house. I never did discover what that particular visit was for!

2 thoughts on “Uncovered!”

  1. It sounds like it was a pleasing experience for both of you. From my experience I would say that about 90% of ‘door visitors’ really don’t worry too much about seeing nudity. Often there is an initial period of shock, an “Oh…Oh..ah!” moment. The one objection that I recall most vividly was from a quite mature lady who was collecting cash for a charity. I was wearing an open bathrobe, she started to speak as her bespectacled eyes drifted downwards, then she gasped.. let out a “Oh bloody hell man!” before saying “That needs putting into growing compost, go and do it now!”
    I laughed as I shut the door and she strode in disgust to the gate.

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