On Cold’n Pond

Some may remember that I have done a few blogs in the past about my early life growing up in a ‘naturist/nudist’ home, some adventures with my sister (sadly passed over in 1996) as we set out each day just to find new places to explore.

One late summers day we both began to get exhausted & ready for home after a very energetic day with two friends Rob & Denise. We had all found a small pond with a wooded area almost totally hiding it from a nearby farmhouse. My sister (Lorraine~~’Loz’) was always the first to get naked again when we found a place we wanted to stay at. She was sometimes just a bit too eager, like the time we built a ‘cave’ out of old fallen tree branches & other pieces of wood and bracken, she was naked in there within around 5 minutes. When the cave just collapsed on us we had to scramble out, I still had my shorts on and my boots so I wasn’t too bothered, she screeched & cried as I helped her out. She then realised that her shorts & shirt were buried in a mound of branches, grass & sticks. As we dug out looking for her clothes a man approached with a really snappy yelping dog. He stood and looked on as Lorraine’s bare rear end emerged from the ‘cave’ with her things gasping “I found them, can we go somewhere else now?” . That adventure will feature in another blog (maybe?) some other time. When we settled by the pond with Rob & Denise we soon thought we must be miles away from anybody else, not knowing at that point that we were not too far away from Fred Darley’s farmhouse. Lorraine pulled off her trousers & her pants, within seconds Rob was gasping “Loz can’t you just wait?” but his words just vanished without passing even close to the almost naked Lorraine. I took my boots off & then my trousers & shirt, Denise joined in to some extent, she wouldn’t take off her tiny pink panties but steadily & methodically she folded her things into a neat pile, Rob always seemed to be more guarded and he just took off his shirt.

We waded into the pond carefully, we soon saw tiny fish and a few frogs, there was a half submerged tree branch that was well stuck in mud and other fallen debris. Denise spotted something ‘multi-coloured’ and shaped like a jug just under the branch. She & Lorraine got really excited and soon were imagining buried coins or jewellery were in the  ‘pot’. I tried to move it with a long stick I found at the edge of the water. The jug was stuck firm & my stick just snapped in two. Unusually Rob took off his trousers so he didn’t wet them, revealing he had nothing else on, (My first experience of anyone going ‘Commando’). As he waded in Lorraine just had to remark about Rob’s huge willy! He just shouted “Shut it NOW!”… we were all stunned how angry he sounded. He reached down to pull at the jug, the handle snapped off in his hand but the jug remained fast in the water. We saw a plastic bag with some paper in it, scraping away some mud we then saw what seemed to be a ring with a large stone in it. We were all getting excited. I saw that Denise had waded out to us and the water lapped up to her panties, she gasped at the coldness of the water, she glanced down and smiled saying, “I’ll take them off later, I don’t want to go home in wet knickers do I !”

We eventually pulled the jug out in two or three pieces, the ring wasn’t as good as we had imagined, the plastic bag had a note inside it but it was unreadable. The only words I could make out were “…again never. K.Darley ” . We tried to get our clothes back on after we had dried off mostly. I kept off my shirt, so did Rob, nobody dared mention his ‘big willy’ anymore! We began walking towards the road, we decided to put the ring, the note and a few pieces of the jug on the steps near the farm house.  We often thought afterwards, ‘Did anybody pick up the jug & stuff’ ? What was Fred Darley’s reaction if he did see it?  We never did find out. But we saw the pond was fenced off and a big sign said “KEEP OUT. PRIVATE”.

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