A new nude arrives.

Our niece Lisa has recently given birth to their second son, who arrived beautifully on time and at home! Yes in the UK it is uncommon to have a baby at home, the news sent minor shock waves through her neighbourhood. Although the actual birth happened just after 7am the sight of a (precautionary) ambulance … Read more

Alone, we bare it !

Has your daily routine been affected by the covid-19 epidemic ?  We have been a little more restricted to staying within our own home, although that hasn’t been such a major change it has been more noticed when we have really wanted to be with other members of our small family. We don’t usually have … Read more

Greetings & Expectations.

As the festive season approaches and thoughts of ‘decorating’ the tree or even your home bring palpitations. We remember years gone by when our home was filled with family & close friends, all adding to the wonderful atmosphere and the hopes of better times ahead.  This year sadly my wife & I will be alone, … Read more

The quiet man !

I have seen kindness from an unexpected person that has restored my faith in my fellow man. My wife has been in hospital now for 2 weeks, she needed to have a small but urgent operation on her bowel. After the operation which was very successful she developed unexpected complications quite suddenly. When I was … Read more

Our Gang’s Days

When we were young teenagers my sister & myself would always enjoy our ‘adventure days’ together. School holidays were always the excuse to gather a few friends and go off on our ‘Adventure to Africa’. Actually it was a trek to a wooded area about two miles away from our home village! We had our … Read more

Cover or No Cover

It is a good thing to wear a mask in public places such as shops or on public transport, no one really questions that now. The problem arises when someone with a medical condition affecting their breathing, having some kind of bronchial ailment, is excused wearing masks. Then somehow people like bus drivers or checkout … Read more

Love Lives On.

Sadly my soul mate, my sister Lorraine passed away in 1996. Only a couple of months later my amazing & emotionally very strong mother passed away too. Those beautiful people were the corner stones of my world, either one would always be there for me and would always care & share the best of times … Read more

Jam & Cream on it?

Back in 1966 I was just leaving school at 15 years old, I had a job to go into straight away which was pretty good. In that area it was a predominantly coal mining area, my mother and older siblings were ‘evacuated’ away from a major port, so I guess my options could have also … Read more

Peaceful Day?

It’s so easy to enjoy a simple basic life, specially when the sun is out and the heat (here in the UK) hits 24c. We can’t travel too far as you know and our days are fairly restricted mobility wise, so whatever time and space we can get to enjoy some natural naked sun time, … Read more

In the Eyes of the lawman!

We had a visit from a police officer a few days back, he smiled as he entered our apartment to find us all nude. He stood by the doorway into the lounge as if he was unsure about actually coming into our lounge. Then as he looked at his notebook he looked around all 5 … Read more

More Jam On It?

When I left school in 1966 I wanted to be a baker ! I could only see myself making loads of bread products and maybe doing a little bit of cake decorating as a profitable hobby. I began a job in a bakery on the Monday after I left school, my mother needed me to … Read more

Life Goes On

During this lockdown we have seen our ‘carers’ reduced to two from three, now they wear aprons, gloves and masks. We felt as if we were contagious in the beginning, but then we realised they were also making sure they brought no infection in to us. It really did feel very different being helped into … Read more

Climb to blackened injury (2)

We parted from our two pals on the long walk home. We must have looked like a comical pair, {almost} clean clothes covering coal blackened skin ! Lorraine had hurt her elbow and she began to cry, partly from her pains but mostly from the fears of what mother would say when we both got … Read more

Climb to blackened injury !

In the 1960’s it was great fun being a teenager when we had ‘pop’ music and lots of friends to enjoy it with. We also had many adventures where we could ‘go out and play’ for many hours feeling free to explore, unlike the situations today !  We didn’t mind staying dressed when we could … Read more

Sitting By The Fire

Being in this ‘Lock Down’ situation also brings back some memories of days way gone !  Where we lived when we were very young, I was around 8 my sis was 6 coming up to 7, the winters were really severely cold. Ice and snow would reach up past the window sill and cracks in … Read more

Was It Day 1 ?

Many years ago I ventured onto a naturist beach for my first time. Fortunately it wasn’t very busy and the few people there were a good distance apart. I had been a ‘naked person’ all my life so nudity wasn’t a problem, the new surroundings & total strangers were something I wasn’t totally at ease … Read more

On Cold’n Pond

Some may remember that I have done a few blogs in the past about my early life growing up in a ‘naturist/nudist’ home, some adventures with my sister (sadly passed over in 1996) as we set out each day just to find new places to explore. One late summers day we both began to get … Read more

Dare To Bare & Care ?

With the spread of Coronavirus throughout Europe & the UK we certainly began to worry not only about our own health (being in an ‘At Risk’ group), but we also have to worry about the devoted & amazing care staff that come in to visit us 3 times daily. Although they now wear P.P.E. for … Read more

A Visit Of Electric Importance

We welcome visitors to our home, as many of you on here will know. From carers, neighbours to friends & utility callers, enquiring people who genuinely were curious about our lifestyle choices.  It has frequently caused ‘amusement’ when a look of ‘shock’ passes over someone when they realise that two ‘old’ people just live naked. … Read more

A rare visit.

We took a rare visit to a naturist club grounds a few days back, it was interesting to see people relaxing & enjoying a spell of warm weather yet still one or two people still had shorts on? As invited guests we felt awkward questioning why some folk didn’t strip totally and our hosts didn’t … Read more


Since I’ve had major computer problems in January I haven’t been able to get ‘ online ‘ to continue my regular contributions. Now I have a new laptop replacing my previous ‘ Desk Top ‘ computer. I have had quite a few problems logging in to groups & places that I have previously used almost … Read more

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