A new nude arrives.

Our niece Lisa has recently given birth to their second son, who arrived beautifully on time and at home! Yes in the UK it is uncommon to have a baby at home, the news sent minor shock waves through her neighbourhood. Although the actual birth happened just after 7am the sight of a (precautionary) ambulance sent the gossips into overdrive! The comments pre-birth that came from the midwife were a little unusual because she was more than impressed with Lisa’s top-to-toe suntan and her willingness to be covered in as little material as possible during the birthing. Lisa having told about naturism and her love of camping, told the busy midwife that as the baby would obviously arrive nakedĀ  she wanted to be naked too.

Andrew was on time as far as dates were concerned but he surprised us all with his ‘time’ of arrival. Their seems to have been a tradition of midnight arrivals for many years, Lisa herself came at 0.35am and her first son made his noisy and uncomfortable arrival at 23:15. So now we are settling again to a reasonable routine and making ourselves available for babysitting duties. The quiet new child is a pleasure to watch over, he makes no interest in the two unclothed ‘oldies’ that seem to use him as a parcel to pass around, he feeds regularly and like his carers he would rather ‘feed–burp–fart–sleep’ than anything else.


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