Celebration of the arrival of Pope Francis in Slovakia – by my way.

This week we had special days in Slovakia, because our Pope Francis visited us. I also planned to visit him on Wednesday, September 15, when we also had a public holiday. Unfortunately, the organizers of the meeting did not send me the ticket that was needed, so I could not go. I was wondering how I would use an unexpected day off. And inside me came the desire to go to the divine nature and spend the last summer day of this year there.
I chose the western part of the Slovak Paradise (Slovensk√Ĺ raj) National Park, which is less visited. In this part, the forest is badly damaged by insects, but still nice and good for walking.

I spent a beautiful time in nature in my natural clothes for six hours during the 15 km trip. I only met one mushroom picker during my lunch and one cyclist. Both meetings were very quiet.
I think that although it was not a typical way of welcoming the Pope, it was still a dignified and beautiful celebration of God and thanksgiving. : )


You can check the walk here: https://sk.mapy.cz/s/gusapapuze

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