Wells Grey Provincial Park – Free Hiking

I recently had the oportunity to go free hiking in Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC, Canada. I went to a water fall lookout called Deception Falls. Access to the water itself was non existant but the lookout provided excellent views. Anyway, I left early and as it was mid week I expected to be by … Read more

Seven Little Crosses Pass

Yesterday I made a long hike on the mountains of the left side of Valle Camonica up to Passo delle Sette Crocette (N 45°50’50” E 10°19’14”). Great weather! The refuges are all closed due to the pandemic. I haven’t met anyone—few some hikers at the pass, but coming from other directions. So I was able … Read more

My blog

I took advantage of this time of compulsory confinement because of the pandemic to rebuild my blog about naturist hiking. In fact I destroyed the old blog and I started a new visual theme. I especially changed the aspect and the presentation of the pictures. It was a long work to take all the images. … Read more


During this period of confinement exercise outings are permitted for 1 hour within a radius of 1 kilometre. I take the opportunity to explore the surroundings of the house.A path goes in the forest, normally used by the climbers who are going to reach a climbing area . From the small quiet horizontal path, a … Read more

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