The sense of protection that I feel coming from nature reassures me totally; it is a life insurance policy. Safety on life is something inherent in nature; it is part of the project. There is no comparison with our small means: police, army, laws, hospitals, insurance companies, mafias and a thousand other points of support. … Read more

The willows gate

The willows gate I’ve been through these willows a thousand times. It was when I saw the picture on the monitor that the title emerged. It is only a symbolic fact: it concerns only me who gave a name to this passage along the path. And now, I feel that there is a before and … Read more

Naturism, No, It’s Not For Me! Never!

If you are a naturist and have talked about naturism with friends, you surely have some who told you they would never ever try. They cannot even think about showing their “private parts” to others. You may sometimes wonder how to convince them to, at least try. Here are three ideas to try to convince … Read more

State of grace

Back home, I was looking at myself in this picture; but immediately distracted by the bright, backlit green of the horsetail. We probably also have a kind of chlorophyll that transforms light into energy and health. I can only adore this wonder: I feel in me an intimate sense of belonging, of continuity with nature. … Read more

Prohibited fruit

The use of the mask, consciously or unconsciously, is changing the way we see, our reactions and the very image we have of other people and the world. The face has become a forbidden fruit, accessible if you have the password to unlock the barcode. Now that we no longer have the chance to see … Read more

The happy couple

I have passed by this meadow a thousand times, a thousand times I saw these two poplars, but only a few days ago I noticed that they were a “happy couple”. If you notice, there is no branch in the middle, as each of the two trees was respectful of the other and did not … Read more

Face Covering Irony

It occurred to me that COVID-19 has presented an ironic turn-about. Every day, there are more news stories about people who are upset about requirements to wear face coverings or masks in public places. Some even react violently about the rules. While the debate over the coverings obviously is a multi-faceted argument, one thing is … Read more

Easter Moon

Easter full Moon Yesterday morning I went out because I wanted to take pictures of the Easter Moon before the sunlight made it fade. The Civil Defence had left me a mask in my mailbox. It was the first time I’d ever used it. It’s mandatory in supermarkets, and everywhere. When I saw the photograph, … Read more

When other see me naked

On the subject «if you dare they don’t care». Towards the end of November it rained a lot, the path was filled with water. The strange fact, together with the particular incidence of light and the colour of the autumn leaves created a vision of a certain suggestion. I set my tripod and undress for … Read more

Naturist soul

I consider myself naturist, but I have find it difficult to deal with in real world. Naturism is connected to nature, so I cannot really say that it fits well in a modern world we live in. The clothes emerged from a way to protect from us from weather, shame, to something that symbolizes our … Read more

We are all humans

What I see here is a human being. A body, beauty in one of it’s most natural forms. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It has evolved itself over thousands, if not millions of years. Some of us decide to alter our bodies to fit our mental image of ourselves (transgenders), some of … Read more

Body-mind nakedness

Body nakedness is a way to mind nakedness and vice versa. All the inner thin wibes we feel in our body when we are naked shake our thoughts. And even more, we can reach a state/place of thoughtlessness without fear, without shame: free from fear (law, society, neighbours…); free from shame (moral/social scheme, duties, slavery…). … Read more

Being and Nakedness

I was born naked. You would think everyone else was not. Ever since I can remember, clothing seemed completely unnecessary to me. As a kid, I swam naked, I slept naked, I played naked. Even though my friends insisted on wearing clothing I preferred the natural option. Now that I’m a Free Man, I take my freedom … Read more

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