Original Self

I was looking at this picture repeatedly and didn’t understand why or what it was about that attracted me. Indeed, the pappi whitening the leaves of the poplars and the grass of the meadow like a second snowfall is not a sight one sees every day. Perhaps it was the particular morning light that leaves no shadows. But this morning, walking past the bookshelf, the title of a book by Thomas Moore attracted me: Original self. Immediately I linked that title to the picture: that’s what I saw there: something of me that I had never seen before and that I suddenly recognised in toto. I recognised myself, as I unconsciously know myself to be. Instead of being critical of myself, I was happy with how I saw myself, and the nudity suggested that I didn’t need anything but that the trappings we are obliged to wear hide what we are from our eyes.


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  1. It has taken a while for me to respond to your blog Vitto, but to confess I have really not seen it until today. I had noticed that you had entered the item but for some odd reason I had not really registered it in my thoughts.
    Now I have read your blog I am very pleased; it is so true and honest. I can relate myself to everything you wrote. The way we often have to appear when we are being ‘social’ or maybe in a ‘working’ situation, we dress to be acceptable to others. As you so rightly point out we are not showing our true self.
    This is why now that we are both retired and have no daily commitments, we do stay at home quite a lot of our time (due mainly to illness & disability) where we are comfortable and relaxed. The point is that in our situation we have decided to be ” Our Original Self” as you accurately phrase it. As lifelong naturists in tune with life and nature, we have long preferred those times of freedom to be naked. Now we can live each & every day likewise, we are happier, and we are socially accepted by those who come into our home. Our space, Our Home, Our life!

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