In Autumn you can understand the reasons of a whole year. Different colours are tuned together, different beings and things match perfectly: this is the picture I have in mind. Thousands of words are ready to be spoken. The real world-natural world says it better with silence.   0

What my eyes see

What my eyes see goes to form my mood. Faced with something harmonious, it also harmonizes my spirit. Without conceptual filters, without aesthetic canons. It is a simple and natural bliss: like an anticipation of paradise. Today begins the second wave of containment. There could be no better contrast. For three weeks we will not … Read more


The sense of protection that I feel coming from nature reassures me totally; it is a life insurance policy. Safety on life is something inherent in nature; it is part of the project. There is no comparison with our small means: police, army, laws, hospitals, insurance companies, mafias and a thousand other points of support. … Read more

Faro Convention & facial masks

Fifteen years after its approval, the Italian Parliament has signed the Faro Convention (Portugal – 2005) the Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society []. Article 4 says: “c) exercise of the right to cultural heritage may be subject only to those restrictions which are necessary in a democratic … Read more

My last hike

During my last hike, I arrived at a mountain pasture (Costaro, 45.907059, 10.269950) only because I was told that there was a centuries-old chestnut tree. I had been there the last time about 40 years ago and with my great surprise, I had seen in the middle of the meadow a martagon lily. The chestnut … Read more

Evening light

Sometimes, even a habitual landscape, which you see every day, can be surprising: everything is as it was yesterday, a month ago, as it will be tomorrow. Yet a thousand things have changed: the sky is overcast, there is no wind, the water is a mirror, the gaze runs here and there and doesn’t get … Read more

A hornet nest

I was amazed by this hornet’s nest. It was along the path that I usually walk, but I had never seen it. The hornets are very active and fast, they have no time to take care of potential enemies. In fact, you can get close – but out of caution, up to a certain point. … Read more

TNT 2020 (Thüringische Naturisten Tagen)

From 14 to 23 August I took part in the TNT (Thüringische Naturisten Tagen) in Thuringia (which once belonged to the GDR), 900 km from home. Every day an excursion of 15/19 km that ended with a convivial dinner in a restaurant. The day ended at the bungalow-village, with beer, snacks and long, pleasant chats. … Read more

The willows gate

The willows gate I’ve been through these willows a thousand times. It was when I saw the picture on the monitor that the title emerged. It is only a symbolic fact: it concerns only me who gave a name to this passage along the path. And now, I feel that there is a before and … Read more

Tantra massage

Last Thursday, July 23rd at 10:45 p.m. the German television channel WDR broadcast a report of about 40 min. on the tantric massage. It can be of possible interest to many of us. At least for two reasons: 1) there is a way to the body, ours or others’, far from the “social distancing” that … Read more

Refreshing waters

This is a representative picture of yesterday’s beautiful hike along the Re torrent in the Inzino Valley (N45°43’12”,E10°10’38”), not far from home. The path runs along the stream: about every 500 m there is a small waterfall and a tiny lake. The water is crystal clear, refreshes, washes the sweat, restores tone to the muscles. … Read more


Walking along the meadow, I was attracted by the colour of these flowers. On the one hand the flowers, beautifully numerous in full bloom, on the other hand, I didn’t even know their name. But I have books to look for and, in the end, I found that is called Salcerella (Lythrum salicaria, or purple … Read more

Place mimesis

If it is true that we are permeable to the places where we live or pass or look, that there is something we can name place-mimesis. Seeing this photograph it can only be true. And I remember how I felt. And everything happens even unconsciously. In the same way, as you absorb the birdsong (as … Read more

Seven Little Crosses Pass

Yesterday I made a long hike on the mountains of the left side of Valle Camonica up to Passo delle Sette Crocette (N 45°50’50” E 10°19’14”). Great weather! The refuges are all closed due to the pandemic. I haven’t met anyone—few some hikers at the pass, but coming from other directions. So I was able … Read more

State of grace

Back home, I was looking at myself in this picture; but immediately distracted by the bright, backlit green of the horsetail. We probably also have a kind of chlorophyll that transforms light into energy and health. I can only adore this wonder: I feel in me an intimate sense of belonging, of continuity with nature. … Read more

Prohibited fruit

The use of the mask, consciously or unconsciously, is changing the way we see, our reactions and the very image we have of other people and the world. The face has become a forbidden fruit, accessible if you have the password to unlock the barcode. Now that we no longer have the chance to see … Read more

The happy couple

I have passed by this meadow a thousand times, a thousand times I saw these two poplars, but only a few days ago I noticed that they were a “happy couple”. If you notice, there is no branch in the middle, as each of the two trees was respectful of the other and did not … Read more

Early morning honeysuckle

Yesterday the hedge was swollen with white and yellow flowers of the honeysuckle and brambles. This morning I find the hedge “sheared”. Along the same path, the fallen pappi of the cotton trees had already become seedlings – they disturbed the walk, and someone zapped away those too. I make do with what remains. Visitors, … Read more

The virus is over – Games go on

The virus is over. Games go on. The nature reserve reopened today after two months of closure. In the past two months, water birds have been able to make their nests in peace; the vegetation has grown luxuriant, the reeds (Phragmites australis) have grown through the cracks between the axes of the bridges. On the … Read more

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